1.3 / April 11, 2018
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Start your journey to rescue beautiful mermaids, shoot all bloodysharks. Sea Sharks have capture mermaids from sea, your mission tosave mermaids and kill all sharks.Hunt Jungle and island Animals isan addictive game for the fans of FPS games, Hunting Simulators,and hunting Jungle animals.Choose your gun and join huntingexpedition of your life to the ultimate game in Hungry shark andangry shark mermaid rescue and Hunt island and Jungle Animalskill.Join 6 different guns and hunt with stunning FPS huntingsimulator on Android!Enjoy the forefront 3D graphics with realisticenvironments highly detailed jungle and island and also Hungryshark animals .Hunting in Village , Desert , City, or a snow iscoming in updated soon in highly detailed.★★★ STORY ★★★You love tohunt and want to rescue beautiful mermaid, and in this dangerousjungle and big sea, hungry shark are looking for you. enrolled withyour best sniper shooting gun .dangerous animals and Angry Sharksare out there, take aim and shoot. You have 8 levels to play witheach episode. endless fun here.★★★ Best Game Features ★★★ 1.Realistic and highly detailed Environment2. Hunt Forest WildAnimals and Shark4. Realistic FPS hunting simulator5. Multiplelevels for each episode

App Information Angry Shark Hunting Rescue Mermaid Sea Adventure

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    Angry Shark Hunting Rescue Mermaid Sea Adventure
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    April 11, 2018
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    iExtend Games
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Deer Hunter 2018 1.14 APK
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Deer Hunting game is now available for all people for you to havememorable riding and walking on the safari jungle and you need youreach in the middle of African jungle you have to hunt down all thedeers in jungle. This wild Jungle is full of wild life animals likedeers, lions, elephants and foxes , whales and sharks … and youhave to hunt them down with sniper to complete all the levelssuccessfully. Aim, Zoom and shoot the wild jungle animals andbecome the best deer hunter of the world, Show your skill to theword. A jungle like African jungle is here in this game withrealistic graphics lands and trees. in which deers and other wildanimals are wondering, you have to find them and hunt them. Followthe map top right cornet. Different powerful guns and snipers areavailable for you which have different shooting ranges and you canbuy them with coins, you have to select any sniper shooting gunaccording to your own choice and perform deer hunting. It is veryadventurous, thrilling, challenging and risky game. You will huntdown the wild deers by putting your life into a big risk of yourlife. Wild animals including elephants, lions and other deadlydeers can attack on you and can kill you. You have to hunt themwisely without ignoring any side & any wild animal. Hunt thedeers before they attack on you and kill you. Use Powerful guns toshoot and kill wild animals. You will get real time wild animalshunting experience and you will become expert hunter in the Africanjungle.  Get yourself ready for the ultimate Deer hunterexperience. Deer hunter 2018 is not only a game but a whole newlevel of personal hunting and forest experience. We will take youto the Safari where you can prove your professional hunter skillsand sniper skills. Aim and hit the Deer with sniper shooting,Sniper hunting is real pro skill. There are multiple huntchallenging levels in this deer hunting game. All coming levels aremore complex and more dangerous than previous one. You have to facethese challenges and clear all complex levels. Safari hunter gameis very realistic unique hunting idea. You will really like thissafari deer hunting challenge 3D game. Simple and easy game playthan other deer hunting games on the Google play store. Everyonecan play this game. improve your lion hunting skills by playingthis real hunting challenge 2018 game. Awesome forest environmentswill give you an actual feel of jungle for Deer hunter with snipershooting. Under these environment and Deer hunting will becometactical. One bad shot and the deer will eat away in front of youreyes.  Deer hunter 2018 will prove you real skills. 4different kinds of environments e.g. Snow, desert, mountains andjungle etc... in which you will hunt deers in this huntingchallenge game. 6 different challenging levels in each environmentwith increasing number of deers to play and complete. If you wantto become best jungle hunter then this game is waiting for you.install this game and enjoy its unique features.  Deer Hunteris your destination. If you the best android game of 2018 then youshould play and hunt all deer with sniper. It features and bestgraphics to force you into playing deer hunter more and more. Features: Different guns and pistols to use for hunting Wildanimals including lions, elephants, wolfs, deers etc... in thesafari jungle 4 Different environments e.g. snow, jungle, desertand mountains  6 challenging levels in each environment withincreasing number of deers Unlimited bullets in the guns areavailable in this game Set Aim to exact target to the animals Zoomcamera to clear the target  3D safari park adventurous jungleenvironment  Simple and easy game play like shooting button,zoom camera button, joystick etc... Download and install this deerhunting game into your devices and give positive feedback afterplaying this game.
Blue Whale 2018 2.9 APK
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Play a this popular blue whale game in big sea and kill hungry bluewhales with amazing sniper shooting guns. Bigger the blue whale,bigger the sniper you will need to shoot attacking crazy bluewhales . Unlike any other adventure, this blue whale snipershooting game will provide you true virtual world. This is one ofthe different blue whale simulator game in which you will kill allthe bloody blue whale along with hammerhead whale or sea monsterwith Sniper Shooter guns. This is your ultimate chance to becomethe legendary Whale sniper shooter. Use single sniper bullet andhunt the sea monsters in the most challenging whale sniper shootergames and earn your respect. Features of Underwater Shark SniperHunter:  • Shooting Experience for see animal hunter. • Smoothand Easy Controls • Missions to Become Blue Whale Hunter • Multiplesniper Guns for Whale Hunting • Realistic Angry Whales Games
Blue Whale Challenge 2018 1.2 APK
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Play a this popular blue whale Challenge 2018shooter game in big sea and kill all hungry and bloody blue whaleswith amazing sniper shooting guns. Bigger the blue whale, biggerthe sniper you will need to shoot attacking crazy blue whalesChallenge 2018 . Unlike any other adventure, this blue whaleshooter sniper shooting game will provide you true actual virtualworld tour. This is one of the different blue whale shootersimulator game in which you will kill all the bloody blue whaleshooter along with hammerhead whale or sea monster with SniperShooter guns.This is your ultimate chance to become the legendary Whale snipershooter. Use single sniper bullet and hunt the sea monsters in themost challenging whale sniper shooter games and earn yourrespect.Features of Underwater Blue Whale Challenge 2018 Shooter SniperHunter: • Shooting Experience for see animal hunter.• Smooth and Easy Controls• Missions to Become Blue Whale Challenge 2018 Shooter Hunter• Multiple sniper Guns for Whale Hunting• Realistic Angry Whales Games
Galaxy Wars: Special AirForce Alien Attack 2018 1.6 APK
iExtend Games
Enjoy Galaxy Wars: Special AirForce Alien Attack 2018 with new ageof army missile and flying simulator games. You are a skilful alienshooter and been hired for a mission to space fighting , fighterjet containing missile launcher from one point to another. Dropsafe epic military vehicle and fire missile to target location.Avoid astroids during missile launcher delivery to the attackingpoint. Be a trained fighter to show extreme skills in this GalaxyWars: Special AirForce Alien Attack 2018. This Scud MissileLauncher Game is not like any other flight or fighting game. Hereyour mission is to secure your space ship with missile launcher.You have to perform your duty for a critical mission. Fly safe airpilot because it is carrying very important missile mission forspace mission. Be aware of enemy locations and their troops withkeeping an eye on the timer. Army of enemy may attack you withbombs and missile because enemy wants war to destroy your defencesystem with all army projects. Join the Military and fly to bombmissiles on militants aliens. This space war free game is mostrealistic Missile Launcher simulation and war game based on realspace galaxy war tactics. So you need to be a sharp mind to provethat you are the only one to command your team.This Air Force alienAttack game offers you more than you want in a space game and othermilitary space galaxy games. This new and modern pilot simulatortakes you to a challenging missions like galaxy war simulationgames. This space invader game offers you good controls andhandling of a missile launcher space ship like popular missilegames and military space games. Escape from the black holes andastroids because enemies have heavy bombs and other weapons whichcan destroy your missile launcher airplane. Keep an eye on thetimer to win the level of this Us Army Missile Launcher GalaxyWars: Special AirForce Alien Attack 2018. You have more powerfulmissiles and space ships as compare to your opponents. So performlike a real fighter to destroy all enemy troops and other hiddenplaces. To become a leader of your own universe follow theinstructions and take your jet to the attacking position tocomplete the level of this Army Missile Launcher Galaxy Wars. Setaim of your rocket launchers towards secret enemy location todestroy hidden enemies. Missile attack will destroy enemy’swarships. This is new battle and you have missile system, attackenemies, destroy them and become a real 3d commando like populararmy games and other military games.Be a bravo fighter with yourarmy jet to perform efficiently in this Missile Attack Launcher.Play all levels of your missile launcher to destroy the enemies.Get ready with your own fighting plane to show extreme fightingskills like popular galaxy games and army games. Realistic spaceenvironment of this Real Missile Launcher game will enhance theexcitement level to play like a famous war games. Perform well tobecome a hero of all jets. So why are you waiting for? Enjoy anddownload this game.FEATURES: • Smooth handling and controls ofall fighter planes.• Realistic missile launcher system.• A lot ofexciting levels.• 3D graphics with HD animations.• Addictive spacegame play.- Simple control that tutorial is no need - Various typesof enemies that require skill to defeat - Epic Bosses fight -Upgrade your power in many ways of weapons- True space shooterexperienceJoin Space War - Galaxy Shooter Special Air Force ,Galaxy Wars: Special AirForce Alien Attack 2018!
Dragon Fire - Sniper Shooter Conquest 1.2 APK
iExtend Games
City of Kingdom is at war. Houses of city is on fire, dragons arenow rule the sky. Join this fantasy war with dragons.Bloody Dragonfire city sniper shooter conquest allows you make strategy forconquering the city. The clash with dragons is your destiny. Joinwar and battle with dragons and capture the city.Only in bloodyDragon fire City Sniper Shooter Conquest can you become a lord ofcity and capture the dangerous city.LIVE IN THE FANTASY – PLAY ITNOW AND FIGHT FOR THE CITY!Do you want to become a hunter andshooter, then dragon fire city sniper shooter hunting is the gameyou must play. Download this free game.Dragon fire City SniperShooter is a very dangerous game, adventurous and addictive game,with some amazing graphics and sound effects.In this hunting andshooting game, you will have to shoot down the all dangerousdragons, to protect the city from getting burned. Dragons areblowing fire on city. If you are looking for sniper game, huntinggame, shooting game or dragon game, this game exactly what youwant. Save city from fire of dragons.Consider this shooting game asa mission of a city. Develop your shooting skills by becoming agreat shooter and hunter. Enjoy every moment of this game, byhunting down the bloody dragons,Shoot down the dragons as quicklyas possible as they have the ability to emit fire and can do a lotof damage to the village and its people.This animal hunting gamelike this Dragon fire City Sniper Shooter game also requires you tofocus to successfully hunt down the dragons. Become a great animalhunter, by playing this 3D game.Conquer this city of kingdom withsniper and become dragon warrior.While shooting these dangerousdragon animals, make sure, you really aim at them, shoot to makeexcitement in this shooting game.Dragon City Sniper Shooter huntingis one of the best shooting and animal hunting games. Download thistop free sniper shooting game, for free, and experience the thrill,in becoming a hunter, and hunting some dangerous animals.
Dino Hunting Kill Safari Sniper The Monster Hunter 1.3 APK
iExtend Games
Dino Hunting Kill Safari Sniper The Monster HunterLet’s starthunting big and large wild animals with sniper guns and be a grandshooter in this dinosaur killing tricks master game. This forestdino grand hunt game play is adventurous concept of shooting hiddenferocious animals. Grip on trigger and shoot in sniper hunterdinosaur kill 3d games. A perfect experience of aligning your shotand eliminate the dangerous targets. Load ammunition in your gunsand fire with destructive artilleries to kill the dinosaurs.Accomplish the missions professionally and be a sharp shooter offossil dinos. Enjoy flying dinosaur shooter expert practice forperfect hunter and fire with sniper to eliminate dinosaurs as realfossil safari killer. Fully adventurous commando shooting dinohunting action where you use safari vehicles and attack withvarious arms to execute the dinosaurs.HOW TO PLAY THIS JUNGLE DINOANIMAL HUNTING Dino Hunting Kill Safari Sniper The Monster HunterFREE GAME?The levels of this Hunting Jungle Dino Killing game arefull of challenges, action and suspense. In Dino Hunting KillSafari Sniper The Monster Hunter Initial levels will check yourproficiency and you will move in upcoming levels by completing alltasks given to you. Hunting the dino is not an easy job. You shouldbe careful from enemy and dangerous dinosaurs attack to survivefrom death. Take the shot perfectly and kill the target quickly.You have not enough time to waste when dino are coming. Get readyto aim and shoot in jungle safari. Rescue yourself from territoryof wild lives and hunt professionally. You have to focus onstrategy and perform killing operations. Go in the jungle and useyour best sniper gun and kill the Dino in best shooting DinoHunting Kill Safari Sniper The Monster Hunter.Play this Forest DinoGrand hunt game and become the ultimate dinosaur shooter. Come andfighting with the Dino use your all action skills. Be a grandshooter in this dinosaur killing tricks master game. In this DinoHunting Kill Safari Sniper The Monster Hunter hunting game yourmission is save the city the Dinosaur is destroy the city and carsin the city. Be careful because the Dino is very dangerous when youtry to shoot do not stand still on one spot if you stand on the onespot and cannot kill the Dino the grand dinosaur kills you. Fightwith the Dino in this Dino Hunting Kill Safari Sniper Shoot gamegrip on the trigger and shoot in sniper hunter dinosaur kill 3dgame. Play this dangerous mission game and fire with sniper toeliminate dinosaurs as real fossil safari killer. Compatibleinterface and smooth control will make you happy and excited.DinoHunting Kill Safari Sniper The Monster Hunter Features:Multipleoptimized guns and snipersThrilling missions and differentdinosaurs modelUltimate crazy safari combat battleSmooth interfaceand stunning back musicFull exciting action killing adventureFeelfree to posts your ideas, we will try to implement them as soon aspossible, thank you very much for all your support and interest inour games!
Hungry Shark Shooting - US Army Sniper 2018 1.2 APK
iExtend Games
Play this popular bloody blue shark us army sniper game in big seaand kill hungry shark with ultimate us army sniper guns.
Chicken Shooter in Chicken Farm Chicken Shoot Game 1.6 APK
iExtend Games
What is the purpose of this chicken hunting game?This chickenhunting game is all about the chicken hunt of the chicken hunter.This gun game has different chicken hunt levels where each chickenhunt level has a set chicken shooting mission for you. In order toachieve your objective of chicken shooting you just have to dopistol shooting to hunt chickens in this gun game.Do you want to bechallenged in chicken hunting while playing chicken shooting game?This Chicken Shooter in Chicken Farm for Chicken Shoot game of achicken hunter is going to evaluate chicken game skills of thechicken hunter and challenge him to maximum in chicken hunting.Chicken Shooter in Chicken Farm for Chicken Shoot is the bestchicken shooting game. Chicken Shooter in Chicken Farm for ChickenShoot has been developed for all chicken hunting lovers.How theChicken Shooter in Chicken Farm for Chicken Shoot started?Our warsoldier has now decided to move from the wilds to become a chickenhunter. A soldier can never stay away from a real shootingchallenge so the great war soldier is back at shooting life lookingfor shoot to kill. Farm Chicken is the best option available forour chicken hunter for shoot to kill.Guidelines for playing thischicken hunt game:You will have a pistol for farm chicken hunt asyou try to hunt chickens in a farm of chickens for shootingchickens. You need to use the pistol in following manner for thehunt of farm chicken:1. For shooting chickens, in this huntinggame, click on the Zoom-Enable button in left bottom corner of thescreen2. Once you have enabled zoom, a bullet button will appear onthe right bottom corner of the screen for gun shooting chickens3.You can click the bullet button for pistol shooting in this huntingchicken game.4. Aim well and hunting chicken will be very easy inthis shooting chicken game.5. Touch the bullet button for huntingchicken in this shooting chicken game.6. As this hunting chickengame has limited levels so accomplish the mission set for a certainlevel to successfully unlock next level.7. Once you have cleared alevel in this gun shooting chickens game, you can always come backand give it another shot to better your previous mission completiontime.Superiority of this gun shooting chickens game:Following isthe list of salient features which make the gun shooting a pleasurein this hunting chickens game:1. This hunting chickens game istotally free to play but you can spend money to remove ads or tobuy different weapons.2. This hunting chickens game has awesomegraphics which are very pleasing for your eyes and mind. Thegraphics are high quality as well as very smooth so you are goingto have your best gaming experience while playing this greatest gunshooting game in the history.3. Top Quality Fun: Its great fun todo hunting chickens as the challenge keeps on getting tougher andtougher with every cleared level. The aim to get better and betterhelps you keep going until you are at the top of the world in thisshooting game.4. Realistic Missions: The missions in this chickenshunter game are very realistic and they keep you fully engaged.Each mission is time bound with a specific kill target to keep youfocused in this hunting game.5. Player Feedback Incorporation: Weare at all times looking for your feedback on hunting games and tryour best to make your gaming experience more and moreinteresting.Who is this farm chicken gun game for?Anybody who lovesfarm chicken and hunting games for fun or want to do huntingchicken should play this gun game and establish the basic skills inthe simulating environment mapping to the real farms for huntingchickens.What is the best time to play this shooting chicken gungame?Whether you are at office or at home whenever you have freetime, just pull out your shooting pistol for shooting chicken andenjoy playing this great game of shooting chicken.