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Are you looking for a happy, fun and cool game to play? This gamehas it all! You can create your own characters, make your own gamewith different characters to choose from! Exquisite! Exquisite!Exquisite! You can make it all by yourself and play with friends inone place at any time. You can use the sprite editor to makepixelated characters! You can make anything you can imagine. Youcan create fighters, you can create cannons and catapults, and youcan create boss size characters. If you like it we can add KingGorr!

App Information Battle Game Builder (Game Maker)

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    Battle Game Builder (Game Maker)
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    January 6, 2019
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    8/15 Good St Westmead NSW 2145 AUSTRALIA
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Deep Chat 0.4 APK
With Deep Chat, everyone listens.Be heard and remembered with this innovation in chattechnology.Deep Chat is where social media and learning technology meet. Byincorporating the famous research on memory and retentiondiscovered by Hermann Ebbinghaus into a social media experience, wehave the best idea since the 'Like'.Ebbinghaus' research is now a key part of top learning programslike Supermemo and Ankidroid. These programs have been proven toboost learning and increase retention by using the spacingeffect.Deep Chat is the first of its kind. By trying this program youwill be contributing to a social experiment which could prove torevolutionize online relationships. If my theory is correct, andknowledge enhances relationship, then Deep Chat will offer a pathto enhanced relationship like never experienced before.Imagine people recalling things said months earlier, knowingeverything that was said deeply. Imagine how flattered people wouldfeel. And having reports that prove it to be true. It'spossible.HOW IT WORKSChatters simply earn points for paying attention and rememberingwhat other chatters say.Each friendship you have with another person has a score, so youcan see which people know you best and which people you know best.You can see which people everyone knows well and which people knoweveryone well.HOW IS THIS POSSIBLEChatters set up questions or fill-in-the-blanks which areanswered by other chatters on whatever subject they wish them toknow about. For example, as an introduction a chatter can setup thefirst question as "I am from <Germany>." The text insideangle brackets (<Germany>) is tested. Each item answeredreceives a point. Items are repeated over time with longer gapsbetween the last test. Those items known for long periods receivemultiple points. If an item is known very well (for example wasn'ttested for a month and still known) it will receive many points,one for each hour known.The points reflect how much a person knows and also how wellthey know it.
Maze Game Builder (Game Maker) 0.2 APK
With Maze Game Builder you can build amazegame where the objectof the game is to escape the maze.It is fun to make your own game, which you can evenpublishandmake money from.- Sprites lets you create 16x16 pixel sprites with up to64colours- Animations lets you create animations of up to 16frameseach- Player and Enemies settings lets you assign animationstoactions- Levels lets you create levels by adding walls to 12x12mazes- Play the game to test it out at any stage duringyourcreation- Export the game to Java code which can be used to buildanAPKwhich can be published on the Google Play storeStart out by mixing your paints to create the 64 colours thatyouwant touse to create your sprite graphics, then build your sprites pixelbypixel.The large grid squares make it easy to create pixelperfectanimations,without needing to tap precisely.The copy sprite feature makes it very easy to then convertthatspriteinto an animation.Once you have a set of sprites, convert them intoananimations,animating at whatever speed you want the frames to appear.Each animation is then mapped to a player or enemy action,sothegame knows what animation to show when the player ismovingup,down, left, right or dying.Create any number of levels you like by tapping to addandremovewalls. Add any number of enemies of different kinds toeachlevel.Control the starting position and direction of each enemy tofinetuneyour level. Then add an exit to the level by removing atleastoneof the surrounding walls.The game can be saved and reloaded so you can pickupwhereveryou left off. Great for filling in time on the train or bus!Note this is just the beginning. If people like MazeGameBuilder,I am keen to develop it much further. I'd like to hearyourideas!My thoughts on the next major release:- Sample game built in to experiment with before startingfromscratch- Create weapons and shoot enemies- Create enemies that can shoot- More control over enemies like set path of movement,speed,AI- Share games with other players, rate others' games, chatandcomment- Style of maze game to chose from like Pac-Man, WizardofWor,Digger, Boulderdash etc to create different objectives- Scrolling maze levels so it can be more than 12x12 squares- Powers which the player can earn to allow them toteleport, dash, move walls, have invincibility, shields,freezeenemies etc- Build your own title screen, game icon, and screen shotsforGoogle Play- Create bosses which are bigger sprites- Buy and sell game components like sprites to other players- Unlock features by playing other people's games- Better tap support so you can turn by swiping, queue upmultipleturnsto make it easier to make quick turns in succession- Perfect level edit screen so you can see enemies on thescaleddownversion and enemies at full size on the edit version, scrollaroundbyswiping, select level option to quickly select- Perfect UI experience- Do it all over in 3D
Chess Board Awareness 3.1 APK
Chess board awareness is the ability to be aware of all the piecesand their positions. It is the ability to visualize the board andsee it in your mind's eye. This how top players can think severalmoves ahead. The Chess Board Awareness app is designed to developthis skill. Pieces are placed on the chess board and then removed.The aim is to place the pieces back where they were. Simple, butaddictive. As you see your success rate grow, you will return againand again for more. Graphs are provided so you can see how youprogress each day. All positions for pieces 3-8 are taken from realgames between Grandmasters (unless disabled).Start out with beingable to visualize 1 piece then move up to 8 pieces. If you likeBlindfold Chess or Chess Memory Trainer, you will like this onetoo.There is now an advanced mode which will allow you to visualizeup to 16 pieces over a period of days, then recall it instantly.Once you know the board permanently, you will then be tested onyour ability to move those pieces in your mind. You will besurprised at how much you improve!Updates will be provided based onfeedback so please leave feedback. Enjoy!
Maze Game Builder (Game Maker) 16.0 APK
With Maze Game Builder you can build a maze game where the aim isto dodge or fight the enemies and escape the maze.It is easy andgreat fun to build your own maze game and even publish on GooglePlay!Create your own sprites using standard or custom coloursCreateanimations for the main player and enemies from those spritesLinkeach animation to a player or enemy action (up, down, left, right,die)Create your own levels by adding walls and enemies and anexitPlay the game to test it out at any stage during yourcreationExport to Java if you want to build your ownAPKSpritesSelect the red, green, blue intensity of each colour tocreate various shades of colour for your palettes.Use the built incolours or modify them to suit your own look and feel.Each spritewill become a frame of animation, use copy to copy the previousframe and modify it slightly. Repeat the process to create a stringof animations.The zoom makes it easy create pixel perfectanimations even on small screens like phones.AnimationsOnce youhave a set of sprites, convert them into animations by selectingthe sprites that should be part of each animation.The frame ratecontrols how quickly it moves through the frames.Flip and rotateoptions make it easy to create animations for all directions, justcreate the animation for the player or enemy moving in onedirection then flip or rotate it.WeaponsWeapons of different typescan be created. The effect of each weapon can be selected, fromweaker types like knock back and disarm to stronger types like slowdown, stun or destroy. Weapons can have different speeds and rangestoo. Configure how the weapon will interact with walls, and otherweapons. Choose whether the weapon will stop at a wall, bounce off,or is indestructible and will go through all walls andweapons.Player and EnemiesMap each animation to an action so thegame knows what animation to show when. Set the speed of the playerand each enemies, so different enemies can have different speeds.Select the weapon that the player and each enemy uses (if any).Configure how often the player and each enemy can fire.LevelsCreatea level by tapping to add walls. Each level will be 12 by 12squares. Leave a hole in the border for the exit. Add enemies tolevels by selecting each enemy and the starting position. You canalso set which direction each enemy should start going when thelevel starts.Play GameYou don't need to wait until your game iscomplete before testing. The app comes pre-loaded with a samplegame so you can start playing straight away or reset and start fromscratch. The sample game means you can start making levels straightaway and it comes with a set of built-in animations and enemies topick from. So there's no need to draw anything if all you want todo is make a maze. At any stage you can test out your whole game orthe current level you are working on.Export to JavaThis is onespecial feature that is not available other game makers on GooglePlay. You can export the whole game that you create to Java. Thisincludes the sprites, animations, player, enemies and levels. Thismakes it possible to build an APK and upload it to the Google Playstore. This also means if you want to give your game to a developerto build upon to create a professional game, they can extend it inany way they like. If you need helping building the APK once youexport the Java code, I'd be happy to help out. Just send me anemail with your code and how you want the package built.Any newideas? My thoughts on the next major release:- Share games withother players, rate others' games, chat and comment- Style of mazegame to choose from like Pac-Man, Wizard of Wor, Digger,Boulderdash etc to create different objectivesTry out Maze GameBuilder today!
Battle Game Builder (Game Maker) 6.0 APK
Are you looking for a happy, fun and cool game to play? This gamehas it all! You can create your own characters, make your own gamewith different characters to choose from! Exquisite! Exquisite!Exquisite! You can make it all by yourself and play with friends inone place at any time. You can use the sprite editor to makepixelated characters! You can make anything you can imagine. Youcan create fighters, you can create cannons and catapults, and youcan create boss size characters. If you like it we can add KingGorr!