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A deadly criminal gang and strange bomb squad is trying to enter inthe city to turn everyone into the dead. They all are elite killerand death fighter in the battlefield so they will not let anyonealive in the town. But there are some good people too that aretrying to save humanity against sniper killer shooters. They havelots of weapons like gun, pistol, rifle and modern sniper in thearmy. Sniper is a great weapon to shoot the assassin enemy in avery short period of time. Assault your target behind the mountainsand hills but also save your own life. Onslaught the gangster teamlike a blast and kill them by dynamic headshots. Fight theimpossible battle in the hill street with mayhem skill andawesomeness and overkill the shoot hunter. Strike your gun bulletson them until they sock in the blood. But be careful of ultimatecounter attack of the terminator in the battleship. Complete yourmission and end up the clash with murder and gun shoot. War will befinished as you make the last soldier dead in the field. Features:- Easy levels in the beginning like a trial zone - A health kitprovided to check your capacity of fighting - Detect shadow in thenight - Great game play with amazing graphics - Epic shootingweapons to use in the war Play the best ever gun shooting games andepic fighting games on for free. Have a great commando action inthe commando duty sniper shooter. So download today and have fun

App Information Commando Duty Sniper Shooter

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    Commando Duty Sniper Shooter
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    March 20, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    3D Funda
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Be brave, take the aim and shoot chicken before the chicken run.The chickens dash to save their life but be a great hunter and killthem all with your army sniper. Load your modern sniper with lotsof bullets once and then murder all chickens at once. Fighting withthe chicken would be a great fun for you so fight like an elitekiller. There are lot of chicken rush in the jungle, clear the siteimmediately from messy, smelly hen and rooster. The mission is notimpossible for shoot hunter like you.The customers are demandingfor hell of chicken and chicken soup for the soul is a great foodand chicken is also an important ingredient in the making of pizzaand burger. So be the winner of this war of chicken hunt. Be like acrazy sniper shooter killer and turn the whole gang of chicken intothe dead.Features:- Best chicken sounds- 3D game with modern snipergun- A great chicken simulator- A funny battleship with advancedweaponsIf you want to enjoy the best gun shooting games and chickenshooting games must play 3D Sniper Chicken Shooter. Must play ourother 3D games that are totally free to download, and must giveyour feedback.
News Reporter Dream Job 1.0 APK
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It’s not an easy job to be an only crime journalist of the city.Drive car with extra attention to reach the spot on time. Performextreme car stunts on the inimitable highway and challengingspeedway with danger road conditions. No milestone is here to guideyou, be careful of traffic report and updates in the rush hour.Drive ahead to cover the distance in such a short time.There arenumber of accidents that take place in the city such as caraccidents, terrorist’s attack or some gangster’s activities. As anexpert news reporter and pro stunt driver, it’s your responsibilityto have a rash drive to reach to the accident spot as early aspossible. Drift your car to the target on the monster tracks. Thebridges and path are barriers but don’t hesitate to cross them infreestyle. Ambulances from different hospitals have reached torescue the casualties from death or over bleeding.Switch on theignition and forget the brake to fulfill the mission full ofthrill. Accelerate your engineering skills to dodge otherautomobile. Experience the ultimate trial zone and difficult carracing scenario. Boost up your blood pressure to dash to theaccident spot in the top gear with great awesomeness. Challengeyour friends to prove them a rock hero like you. Dash your car onthe highway with full speed but don’t bounce in the passengervehicles while you cross them.Features:- Real physics and realisticgravity- Levels full of mayhem challenges and adventurous journey-Perform dynamic stunts to be a terminator- Epic episode of sportscar stunt games- The best racing car game with obstacle andhurdles- Tilt you device to keep the vehicle in balanceExperiencethe best racing car games for all genres full of entertainment andthrill. Play our other racing car games and challenging games forfree. Must download and play. We are waiting for your feedback. :-)
City Highway Bikes Stunt 1.0.1 APK
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Hey Dude! Are you waiting for something full of thrill and ultimatemayhem? Can you escape from the rooftop, bridges and fire rings? Webring a dynamic speedway, inimitable highway, even danger road,adventurous journey and monster track. The path for bike race isfull of pathetic hill climbing and sports blast. Experience numberof fire loops and pass your motorcycle through them. No limits, nobrake, just cross the speed limit and dash in the top gear, have aserious rash drive, and prove to be a pro stunt driver and a rockhero. It’s rush hour, come on leave rest and leisure, boost up yourcycling, twist the key to switch on engine of your motor cycle,accelerate your specialized bike and get ready for extremefreestyle biking experience.Your name will be a milestone in thehistory of crazy bike stunts as you are willing to prove yourself apro rider and bike master. You can challenge your friends to crossbarrier, bridge and jump high roof with realistic gravity. There isno passenger vehicle or other traffic to detract your attention. Noneed to check road conditions and weather report or updates beforeyou ride. Your balance and engineering skills would be sufficientto tackle this gangster mission.Features:- Have amazing differentdifficult stunts like backflip, front flip, apocalypse, wheelie andmuch more- A death race with deadly challenges- An epic road bikeepisode and joy able bike simulator - Real physics and challengingobstacle- No trail zone required just punch your rivals by coveringdistance in given time.- Tilt your android phone to handle racercycle but don’t bounce into hurdlesOne of the best bike stunt gamesin 3d scenario and best entertainment for all genre. Must play andenjoy but don't forget to rate.
Santa Clause Gift Delivery 1.0.1 APK
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Drive ahead to the town slowly without making a noise. Your drivingshould not hurt that pin drop silence in the city. Silently dropgifts in front of doors for little and cute kids. Do the taskefficiently and silently that no one came to know that Santa ispatient and he’s in hospital. Santa is sad to think that he can’tsay merry Christmas to kids with presents. But don’t make him worryanymore and spread happiness by giving gifts. Decorated Christmastree, yummy Christmas cake, delicious chocolates and beautiful toysare packed. All you have to do is to divide them in the town.Wearwarm clothes to avoid cold in this snow weather. Drive car slowlyand carefully on snowy and icy hill tracks. Your car might getcrash and burn, or you may smash it in passenger vehicle so becareful while driving and also be hurry. Be a pro driver and giveall gifts before Holy Christ’s birthday. So that everyone can enjoythe Christmas in better way. Features:- Includes realistic traffic-Extreme difficulty levels- One of the best ever parking and drivinggames- A very good driving simulatorSanta Claus Gift Delivery is anepic mission and great task for you. So be hurry and play SantaClaus Gift Delivery for free and don’t forget to rate.
Pizza Delivery VS Police Chase 1.0 APK
3D Funda
To deliver pizza on time is not an easy job. But how much tough itcan be for you, you can experience it after playing it. Cover thedistance on the speedway in full rush hour with other traffic andpassenger vehicle. But you also have to rescue other automobilesand cars while showing your dynamic skills. And the story doesn’tends here, you also have to dodge police car with this scenario. Solet’s start driving in freestyle and go through the hurdles andobstacle in the danger road conditions.Accelerate your engine foran inimitable ride. Leave rest and leisure because you are on thedeath track with monster bike rivals. Dash to the end point on yourspecialized racer bike on the adventurous highway but don’t smashhit with others. Perform crazy bike stunts such as wheelie, backflip, front flip or apocalypse on mayhem zone to reach target ontime. Your customers are hungry and are waiting for yummy and spicypizza to satisfy their hunger. Keep your balance perfect as a bikemaster and cross all barrier and speed limit but don’t have anaccident on this road bike race.You have to prove that you canescape from the police car and prove yourself a real pro stuntdriver. Drift your sports motorcycle on the path and then go in thetop gear to reach your destination. Don’t press brakes until youcomplete your epic mission. It’s challenge for you and your friendsto show serious attention with awesomeness. Boost up your heart andblood for gangster task and show extreme racing skills whiledelivering pizza.Features:- Ultimate episode with heavy bike andpro rider- Realistic gravity and high definition graphics- Realphysics- The most difficult and challenging journey full of thrilland entertainment- Different levels to enhance your bikingexperience as a rock heroExperience one of the best bike simulatorand bike racing games with unique tasks. And also best threedimension games of 2017. Enjoy it and rate it. Good luck!
Ambulance Duty Driver 1.0 APK
3D Funda
Ambulance duty driver is a rescue game. In which you are performingas an ambulance driver and rescuing a VIP person. Show your drivingskills by driving the ambulance in emergency to secure the lives.In this game, you will find the thrilling missions. Protect you andthis VIP person by using the modern snipers. As a security officeryou will feel the thrill of shooting with guns by killing enemies.Play and enjoy the most anticipated thrilling game, ambulance dutydriver. Show your driving skills by driving your ambulance van inthe dangerous but beautiful graphic city. Face the hurdles andenemies, rescue from the accident, and drive safely to take themhospital. It is an ambulance bus mission like never before.Graphics of this game is just beyond the awesomeness. You will seethe traffic and people walking on the road so your duty is to drivesafely and protect this person from enemies as an elite securityofficer. Playing like an ambulance driver you must be so sharp andactive because enemies can attack on you from any side. Hitting bythe bullet will decrease your power so you have to protect yourselffrom bullets and enemy attack. Every mission of this game is fullof adventure and you must be in emergency state all the time. Youhave fully controlled on ambulance, use the sirens in the rushtraffic. Play and learn the how to drive ambulance truck, help thedoctors and injured persons by driving fast in the big city.Features: Modern Ambulance vans Advanced Snipers ChallengingRescue Missions Beautiful Environment and 3D Graphics Drive inemergency Protect injured Play like an elite killer Explore bigcity stimulating shooting  realistic driving and ambulancecontrol handle like head security officerPlay one of the mostchallenging shooting plus rescue games for all genre. We arewaiting for your feedback. Have fun!
Taxi Driver Car Simulator 2017 1.0 APK
3D Funda
Let’s drive a sports car taxi on the hill zone with danger roadconditions and monster tracks in inimitable situations. Drift yourcar in the start than boost up its speed on the highway. Extremelevel of driving skills and experience is required to in such rushhour. But your journey may lead you to become a rock hero for thepassengers of your vehicle. Just beware of traffic updates andreport and follow road signals and milestone like a professionaltaxi driver. 3D scenario creates ultimate fun and dynamicentertainment.Switch on the ignition of your crazy taxi, checkbrake, accelerate engine of your gangster taxi cab and dash in thetop gear with great attention and don’t lose your balance in theepic speedway. Cross all barrier and obstacle in freestyle drivingand take your passenger on their destination. You can challengeyour friends to drive the automobile like you and can have otherachievements too. Show the world your racing mania and play thebest time management game ever.Features:- Realistic gravity andphysics- Number of challenges for you- Adventurous loops and highbridges in the path- Real taxi simulator of 2017- Easy start fortrial- Challenging and full of thrill levels that are difficult tododgeEnjoy the best parking and driving simulator in the shape oftaxi driver car simulator 2017. Also enjoy our other best taxidriving games. Rate us and drop your feedback [email protected] Good luck!
Extreme Dirt Bike Stunts 1.0.1 APK
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Are you ready to have a most challenging trip on the mayhemspeedway or dynamic mountain like buildings. Experience freestylestunts on the danger road conditions in full rush hour. Cross allbarriers, bridges and obstacles for an inimitable track. It’s astory of life and death so be a terminator and show your ultimateskills with awesomeness. Challenge your friends, can you escapethrough the difficult mission with racer bike rivals.Switch yourignition on and start engine of your monster motorcycle and dashyour specialized bike in the top gear from one roof to another. Setyour target and bounce leisure and rest. Have a great attentionwhile climbing and do back flip, front flip, apocalypse and wheeliewith your road bike. Keep an eye on the traffic report and updatesand follow milestone and road signal. Boost up your balance andprove yourself a pro stunt driver and rock hero of in the historyof cycling.But be conscious of your health and safety as you canhave a serious accident while biking on the real hill path as thereis no rescue team to save you. Extreme dirt bike rooftop stunt isan epic episode of blood with no brake. Have a full entertainmentin the ride scenario for all genres.Feature:- Realistic gravity andphysics- A full dodge journey with high rooftop stunts- Multipleadventurous challenges- Tilt your phone to keep balance and coverdistance- No passenger vehicle to detract your attention.- Enjoythe amazing bike simulator with real engineeringBe a bike masterand pro rider of your city and perform crazy bike stunts with yoursports automobile on the gangster bridge and loop full of thrill.So let’s accelerate your heart for one of the best and top bikestunt games 3d. But don’t forget to rate.