1.1 / October 9, 2017
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Dead Stroke and enter the Pool of Supervillainand unleash the powerful fighting style of your favoriteSuperHeroes and Villains. Deadstroke delivers brand newcharacters, tonsof exciting new modes, and the power and fightingstyle. Leveragethe all-new Skill System to build and progress yourcharacters likenever before – then enter the death arena andbecome the ultimatesuperhero fighter in death stroke battleaction.

The supervillain games is a massive leap forward in everywaypossible. Master new, dynamic fighting controls that allow youtojump, stroke, shoot projectiles, and execute super deathStrokeattack that has destroy all injustice in combat.

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Fight with Kung Fu kombat in the BRUTALCOMBAT!Join the new mortal of combat street fighting champions!Subzeromust eliminate all the fatal kombat demon. Challenge thesuper heroKung Fu fighters, try different fighting combo, punch inallenemies, kick out all other king fighters.World largest street fighting combat contest is started! Noranking,no rules, only overcome your opponents dead or alive! Now,newpowerful character appears, use their all fighting combos andstylesincluding Liu Kang, Scorpion, Sonya and Subzero and beat alltheopponent fighters to prove your worth as a master fighter andenjoybeing real kombat mortal.Ninja Sub Zero opponent as much as you can all use thewrestlingstyles all you want, so enjoy this 1vs1 fighting game withfull ofsuperhero mortal fighting action.Enter the world of fighting, explore different locations,kombatmortal the opponent weak point, and use your art offatality,brutality, Kung Fu power and MMA fighting styles todestroy.With this beat ‘ em up game you will find breathtakingfightingmoves, kicks, combos, punches and kombat mortalnewsuperhero!Features:- Most amazing fighting arcade game style- Eye-catching visuals- Fully optimize for all android devices- Very easy and smooth sliding and touching screen control- Upgradeable and customizable characters- Learn you to perfect martial arts and kung Fu karate- Very easy and addictive free game
Superhero Cat Woman 1.1 APK
In Superhero Cat Woman, you can save thecitywith the incredible power of the noir in cat woman! Can you doit?Can you save the city occupied by villains and avoid getingsmashedby the evil catwomen?Many villains to defeat, including : Doctor Miraculous, NoirManiac,Super Ladybug, etc!Superhero Cat Woman is one of the best new action games releasedin2017! Download it now and enjoy many hours of adventure!Very simple rules:Unleash the cats power by using your powerfull combo to scrachthesupervillain that swarm in the city.
Piano Animals for Kids 1.0 APK
Piano Animals for Kids is an appcreatedespecially for kids and parents to learn to playmusicalinstruments, wonderful songs, exploring different soundsanddevelop musical skills.This is the best kids piano application consists of 64 popularsongswith animals sounds, auto play mode, and songs lyricssimulator.There are 5 music instruments (piano, xylophone, drum,trumpet, andguitar) - all for free.The interface of the app is colorful and bright. It willinterestyou and please your child as he will learn music whileplayingexciting games.Your child will improve his skills not only in music. PianoAnimalsfor Kid helps to develop memory, concentration, imaginationandcreativity as well as motor skills, intellect, sensoryandspeech.The whole family can develop their musical talent andcomposingsongs together with this piano simulator games!Everyone can play and enjoy exploring different animal soundsandnote block.
Adventures of Zelda 1.3 APK
Our heroes Zelda wake up and find a letterfromher father. He is gone of the wild…The only lead is his old hourglass phantom and a mysterioussheikahslate the dungeon simulator. Something has happened in thelegendif zelda past.Explore the legend of hyrule island, save the princess aworldfilled with wild dangers, ocarina puzzles and secrets to thepast.Fight monsters, learn to use magic and discover ancienttimestreasures which will uncover a link to the quest. Use yourmastersword and triforce skill to unravel the mysteries of pastthelegend of ancient kingdom Hyrule and wild sea monster withbreathof the link.Adventures of Zelda combines interesting storytelling,breathtalking 3D visuals and exciting botw gameplay all link intoonesword fighting action adventure RPG you will never forget.
Space Combat 3D 1.1 APK
Star alliance is at wars and only theacespaceship squadron can save the galaxy! A galactica empirehastheir target set on our planet, and the only rebel left isyou!Pilot your ship on the exploration of galaxy impact and battleallin open world outer space!Shooting in the cockpit of your wars star fighter aircraftshooter,get ready to take-off, and flying into the infinity skiesin spacedogfights frontier!Race your starship quickly to execute acrobatic BARREL ROLLS totakeoff gangster enemy attacks with arcade style!Targeting computer is automatic, just aim and shoot laser ontheinvaders enemy fleet! The more enemies you destroy the moreforce,journey, and BLASTER BOMBS you can collect!- Explore the 3D Bullet Hell Space Combat!- This is a 3D SHMUP games that take up to multiplecontrolsimulation!- Upgrade your rebels spaceship to destroy death star theplanetkiller!- Battle with rogue alien horde on sky: X-Wing, Tie Fighter,TieBomber 0, and wars Star Destroyer!- Use the trench run NUCLEAR BOMB to destroy all enemies onthebattlefront!
Speed Mach Racing 5 1.0.1 APK
Race in the street with the fastest andmostspeed 3D racing action in Mach 5 today! Mifune Go is known forhislove of go kart racing and valuing his family. He drives theMach 5that became the best cars in this 3D racing game.Racer Speed combines stunning, high 3D graphics withaddictivegameplay that will have you racing through oncomingtraffic,collecting power-ups, and crash other racers off the road.Withchoco go kart racing vehicle, magical tracks, and awesomemahhacars, Racer Speed creates a new type of racer experience foryourctr team. Gogogo!Game Features:- Cutting Edge 3D Graphics and cute impact-crashsoundeffects.- Upgrade and customize your team race car.- Crash other team cars with rocket, torpedo, or!- This is the 2017 best and funny cartoon racing car games.
Tayo Climb Hill 1.2 APK
Tayo Climb Hill Racing - The most addictivethelittle bus game based racing game is coming! Control Tayo thebus todriving with most realistic control to face the challengesof uniqueuphill and downhill mountains.Tayo's Climb Racing now has new and different terrains. Also,thereare new little bus for your adrenaline adventure - and some ofthecraziest bis rides!Go into adventure in the little bus climb racing games!Features:◄ Lots of different tayo bus vehicles you can repair.◄ Simple and soft finger controls.◄ Christmas garage upgrades in hill climb games.◄ Join eTayo and friends on the multiplayer mode.◄ Excellent games that good for kids.
Subway Pikachu Run 1.1 APK
Subway Pikachu Run the best free 3Dpocketrunning game.In Kanto world adventure, Pikachu must obtain the ultramegaevolution move and run alongside subway jungle surf, ridethroughthe jungle city. Slide, jump and swipe to avoid a varietyofobstacles. Pika pika chu mode can be activated to fly throughthejetpack!Subway Pikachu Running games is a free endless run game. Youmustavoid the obstacle on subway, such as trainer and themonstertrain. Pokmon villain are very fast surfers and will chaseyoueverywhere on your adventure, you can moon jump dash and runningonsun city subway. Sometimes you need to slide and poke left orrightmon.