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Download Now For FreeFrontline Strike Shooting FPS Gun Killer Games3D is a modern warfare FPS Arcade Shooting game, the user issupposed to invade enemy lands and takeover the military bases,invade terrorist & gangster hideouts and arrest them. Inmultiple missions the user is supposed to defend the military basesand protect military settlements from invaders The game is mainlydesigned for classic modern warfare which is supposed to be takenout city. The terrorists and gangster are hiding in the city takehigher points at the city buildings and hide like a City Sniper.Hit the paratroopers jumping from fighter jet aircraft, kill anyinvader or terrorist that is destroying the peace of the city.Theuser will be sent into desert where user will take part in dustbattles and invade base camps as user performs the duty of DessertSniper. Kill the enemy force guards that are guarding the base fromthe top of mountain and perform the missions of Mountain Sniper.The user is supposed to serve police force of the city as CopSniper. There are multiple offensive missions where user need tocreate an ambush and hit the moving military convoy and destroy themilitary logistics that were supposed to be transported.Followingare some highlighting features of this exciting game:🔫 Realistic HDdisplay.🔫 High quality texture.🔫 Huge terrain to conquer.🔫 Snipercommando elite force, guerrilla warfare, modern warfare and counterterrorist missions.🔫 Realistic shooting environment.🔫 Physicalchallenge.🔫 Take headshots to get extra points.🔫 Dynamic cameraangles.While performing any special operation user must havefollowing items.💣 Guns.💣 Pistols.💣 Knife/Dagger.💣 Vest.💣 Armor.💣Detonator.💣 Poison Gas.💣 Flame Thrower.💣 Sniper Rifles like:⚔️ M24.Advertisement. ...⚔️ Knight's Armament Company SR-25. ...⚔️ L42Enfield (British) ...⚔️ M21 Sniper Weapon System. ...⚔️ PSG1. ...⚔️AS50. ...⚔️ Dragunov SVD. ...⚔️ CheyTac Intervention .408.🔫Multiple camera views.🔫 Smooth controls with easy gameplay.🔫Intense world war battlefield missions.🔫 Create ambush to hitmilitary convoy.🔫 Destroy military logistics of the enemy.🔫 Killterrorists and mobsters. Destroy items like:💣 Tanks.💣 MilitaryVans.💣 Army Jeeps.💣 Trucks.💣 Machine guns.💣 Gunship.💣 Aircraft.💣Ships.💣 Naval Carrier.💣 Radar.🔫 Patrol around the terrain to senseany unusual activity.🔫 No internet or Wi-Fi required to play thegame.🔫 Artificially intelligent game bots.🔫 Huge range offirearms.□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□

App Information Frontline Strike Shooting FPS Gun Killer Games 3D

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    Frontline Strike Shooting FPS Gun Killer Games 3D
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    October 16, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Tech Droid 3D Free Games
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Modern Sniper FPS Shooter Gun SWAT Killer Game 3D 1.0.9 APK
Download Now For FreeModern Sniper FPS Shooter Gun SWAT Killer Game3D Firearms is an open world 3D city warfare shooting game as theuser has to eliminate terrorist from the area and reclaim theterritory. Terrorist and criminals are destroying the law and ordersituation in town so it is up to user to take responsibility of notonly clearing the town but destroying terrorist hideouts. The userhas to perform variety of shooting missions in the battlefields andmilitary bases. There are multiple war based missions as the userneeds to be good at shooting in order to perform well both inclassic and modern warfare missions.User will invade multiplemilitary bases where user has to destroy military logistics like:⚔️Tanks.⚔️ Aircraft.⚔️ Military Vans.⚔️ Trucks.⚔️ Army Jeeps.⚔️ RadarSystem.⚔️ Missile System.⚔️ Gun Ships.⚔️ Missile System.⚔️Artillery Depot.The game becomes more intense and tough and thegame passes by the intensity of missions gets higher and thevarious military bases unlock like UK military base, USA militarybase, French military base, German military base, Russian militarybase and Chinese military base. Become a camouflage and kill theenemy in hideouts. Get the real world shooting like Desert SniperMissions with Mountain Sniper Missions. When it come to protectingthe city the user has to user every possible way like becoming aprofessional Contract Killer Sniper Assassin Commando. Get the realworld shooting simulation as the user invades terrorist areas likea leading Frontline Frontier Sniper. In order to become the realCop Sniper user has to go through multiple arena shootingchallenges. Join the honoree military companies like Alpha, Bravoand Charlie. The user will be provided the necessary items andadvance weapons like:⚔️ Guns.⚔️ Pistols.⚔️ Armor.⚔️ Sniper Rifles.🔫Dragunov SVU.🔫 Dragunov sniper rifle.🔫 M21 Sniper Weapon System.🔫M14 rifle.🔫 M24 Sniper Weapon System.🔫 M39 Enhanced MarksmanRifle.🔫 M40 rifle.⚔️ Machineguns.⚔️ Medical Kit.⚔️ Bombs.⚔️Detonators.⚔️ Grenade.⚔️ Missile Launcher.⚔️ Rocket Launcher.⚔️Ammo Bag.Following are some amazing features of the game:⚔️ HighDefinition HD display.⚔️ 1st and 3rd person Shooter mode.⚔️Artificially intelligent bots to create amazing user experience.⚔️Intense battles with advance firearms.⚔️ Smooth and authenticscheme of controls.⚔️ Dynamic 3D Camera angles.⚔️ Easy to play.⚔️Realistic Sound effects (SFX).⚔️ Ambush on military convoy.⚔️ Worldfamous maps & terrains.⚔️ Storylines and cut scenes.⚔️ 360camera view.⚔️ Intuitive design for better experience.⚔️ Weatherengine to create climatic situations.⚔️ Efficient physics engine.⚔️Detailed scheme of Controls.⚔️ Multiple Visual effects(VFX).□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□
Water Reminder Diet Pro Belly Fat Loss Health App 1.0.3 APK
Download Now For FreeWater Reminder Diet Pro Belly Fat Loss HealthApp is an amazing application which really helps the user to loseweight through a very organic and natural process as the userfollows the given instructions. The most organic and best way tolose belly fat is to drink in an extensive amount as the waterreally help to enhance your metabolism. As an individual drinkswater, the stomach of the individual takes the function of kidneyand stayed occupied which the user eat less and stay hydrated forbetter heath. Eat fresh food and have at least 2 Liter of water.This application is very helpful as it creates content remindersfor the user to drink water because in the busy routine most of thetime an individual forgets to drink water but this applicationmakes the user take water at regular intervals. Taking water beforemeals is very helpful because it usually makes the user 75 caloriesless then what that person normally takes in his/her daily diet.Howmuch of a water a particular person should take really depends uponthe weight of that person that problem is pretty much solvedthrough this application. Just enter your current weight, and WaterDrink Reminder will help you determine how much water your bodyneeds every day. Intake of pure water will help to disperse themetabolism, improve the skin, keep the body fit and get a betterhealth. The amount of water you need depends on a variety offactors, including the climate you live in, how physically activeyou are, and whether you're experiencing an illness or have anyother health problems. Sufficient water and balanced diet will helpyou stay fit. Application generates daily reminders and alerts tomotivate you to drink water and keeps a log of your daily aquaintake. User do not need to worry about remembering to drink water,just set the time you wake up, the time you go to bed and our appdoes the rest. Let us explore few amazing features of theapplication: 🚰 Super HD High Definition quality.🚰 Variety ofanimation.🚰 High Definition (HD) Display.🚰 Intuitive Design.🚰Accurate alarm system and calculation.🚰 Designed by fitness andhealth experts.🚰 Multiple Visual Effects (VFX).🚰 EspeciallyDesigned Sound effects and notifications sound.
Modern Gun Shooter Strike War FPS Battle Fury Game 1.0.16 APK
Download Now For FreeModern Gun Shooter Strike War FPS Battle FuryGame is a different but amazing shooting game. As the game is basedon fantasy creatures which mean the user will be playing himself awar hero that is member of counter terrorist force and the user hasto invade the base where the enemy and terrorist are hiding. Theuser has to aim at fantasy creatures which and hit the targets withamazing precision in real time. The game features variety ofmissions against variety of enemy like fantasy army force,terrorist, criminals, gangsters, mobster and armies.The user has toplay the role of ultimate war hero warrior that take the war to theenemy base. Hit every in the base and destroy the settlements inthe base.🔫 Tanks.🔫 Gunships.🔫 Helicopters.🔫 Aircraft.🔫 NavalCarriers.🔫 Ships.🔫 Infantry. 🔫 Army Trucks.🔫 Armory.🔫 Army Vans.🔫Machine guns.🔫 Firearms.🔫 Artillery Depot.The user has to competeagainst zombies and save himself from the zombie attack, the userhas to remove the zombie out of the terrain because if they headtowards town and cities the whole city will be infected and nothingwill left for sure that has to defend so respond very quick. Theuser has to respond very quick because this game is not a snipinggame where user has to behave like a secret Contract KillerAssassin or City Sniper. The user has to respond very quicklywithin seconds, once can't behave like Mountain Sniper or DesertSniper that take their time in shooting the target as it ismilitary base invasion.There are multiple bases featured in thegame which are inspired from the real life military bases like:🔫 UKMilitary Base.🔫 USA Military Base.🔫 France Military Base.🔫 GermanyMilitary Base.🔫 China Military Base.🔫 UN Military Base.🔫 AfghanMilitary Base.🔫 Syria Military Base.🔫 Iraq Military Base.🔫 LatinAmerican Military Base.🔫 African Military Base.Following are someamazing features of the game:🔫 High Definition (HD) Display.🔫 WarSound Effects (SFX).🔫 Realistic Visual Effects (VFX).🔫 Highlysimulated shooting environment.🔫 Aim Shot and Reload with greataccuracy.🔫 Sniper Scope, HUD and magazine.🔫 Modern Warfare andGuerrilla Warfare.The war hero gun strike shooter will havefollowing items in his/her ammo bag: 💣 Pistols.💣 Armors.💣 MedicalKit.💣 Guns.💣 Flame Thrower.💣 Dagger.💣 Poison Gas.💣 Mortars.💣Detonators.💣 Machineguns.🔫 Missions inspired from World War 1 andWorld War 2.🔫 Great texture and terrains.🔫 Russian, British andAmerican army inspired army.🔫 Super realistic physics engine.🔫Destroy gangs and mobsters settlements.🔫 Hit the militarysettlements.🔫 Highly simulated mechanism of zoom in and zoom out.🔫Realistic gunshots.🔫 Bulletsanimations.□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□
Lose Belly Fats Abs Workout 15 Days Exercise Plan 1.0 APK
Download Now For FreeLose Belly Fats Abs Workout 15 Days ExercisePlan is an amazing utility application where user will get thechance to learn some amazing tricks and hidden facts about bellylose. The game is designed in an intuitive manner which means thatthe game will not only be your gym partner but it will put up afitness and diet plan as the user can have some amazing tips tolose belly fat and eat healthy. The application offers some amazingexercise as this application shows the exercises through animation.This application is just like your fitness diary or you can saytask manager/log manager as each it day it will not only remind theuser that what kind of workout is due, user mark the day aftergetting finished with exercise. Staying fit and looking fit is likea basic necessity, when you look good you feel good. Visceral fatin abdomen is result of unhealthy lifestyle that increases risk ofhigh blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, heart disease,cancers and even dementia. The application intuitive design anduser friendly graphics really helps the user to touch the limit ofhealth and fitness to extreme.This application is speciallydesigned by professional fitness instructor, our 15 days exerciseworkout is scientifically proven to improve health and slimwaistline. This application can be used for multiple things withinthe span of health and fitness so have yourself this amazingapplication and enjoy this fitness. Abdominal fat can take seriousproportions if not curbed at the right time. No doubt, belly fatlooks aesthetically displeasing, but what is more important is itseffect on long term health. Running, jogging, brisk walking,swimming, tennis, dancing, and cycling are great exercises forburning fat. Just the ideal tummy workout routines for flat tummyand slim stomach. Fast and simple to train and you simply nevermust use any health club tools. The focus of this app is on thereasons why fat accumulates in the belly and some very simpleexercise you can practice daily to lose the extra pounds from yourabdomen.Following are some amazing features of this application:🏃Realistic Graphics & Intuitive design.🏃 Sound track withmultiple sound effects (SFX).🏃 Variety of Visual Effects (VFX).🏃Variety of animations and multiple guidelines.🏃 High Definition(HD) Display.🏃 No In App Purchases.🏃 Free to Download.🏃 Log Managerto keep the record of daily exercise.🏃 Tutorial for variety ofexercises.🏃 Workout reminders.🏃 Complete fitness guide with dietinstructions.◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕
BMX Bicycle Quad Stunt Race World Tour Simulation 1.0 APK
Download Now For FreeBMX Bicycle Quad Stunt Race World TourSimulation is an amazing city tour racing game as the user gets theultimate chance of driving of the BMX bicycle in the huge metrocity as the user get the real world traffic simulation in the driveso user has to drive in the famous cities all over the world wherethe user will have to pass through mountain off road tracks andmetropolis cities. The user will have to finish at top till the endof tour and of user gets the lead then he/she is supposed tomaximize the lead as the user takes the challenge head on bycompeting agaisnt the best bicycle riders all over the globe.Perform various maneuvers, drift and drag race techniques.PerformInsane Stunts in the drive way:🚵 Barrel Roll. 🚵 Truck Back Flip.🚵Flat Spin. 🚵 Power Park. 🚵 Two-wheeling. 🚵 Wheelie. 🚵 Rodeo.🚵 TruckJump.Free Bicycle in the Huge City and Off Road TacksGet ready totake another journey and enjoy an amazing bicycle ride around thebeautiful city, desert, snow and offroad Bicycle racing. Show yourpassion for cycle racing with the blend of adventurous cycle racinggame.BMX handlebars with strong wrist grip. Race the 2 wheelermonster bicycle by kiciking fast paddle to perform stunts infreestyle jumping. Bmx cycle game is all about racing, riding,driving and drifting your crazy cycle.This bicycle rider game isdifferent from the other boring type rooftop bicycle rider games.Race down beautiful trails, smashing over rocks and roots, boostinghuge jumps, scoring insane trick combos.Race all over the globe andexplore famous metropolis cities:🚵 Rome, Italy.🚵 London, UK.🚵Tokyo, Japan.🚵 Los Angles, USA.🚵 Las Vegas, USA.🚵 Beijing, China.🚵Paris, France.🚵 Moscow, Russia.🚵 Singapore. 🚵 Hong Kong.Let usexplore few amazing features of the game🚵 Variety of Cut scenes insuper HD quality.🚵 Unlock amazing Bicycles🚵 High Definition (HD)Display.🚵 Realistic HD graphics.🚵 Vast range of sports Bicycles.🚵Enhance the speed by constantly riding the bike.🚵 Tilt, tap andsteering controls🚵 Strong BMX handlebars.🚵 Mad Quad BicyclesStunts🚵 Multiple off road Bicycles to drive.🚵 Highly simulatedphysics engine.🚵 Specialized weather effects.🚵 Frame and wheelupgrades that impact game play.🚵 Win all the challenges as aprofessional cycle rider in this traffic race. 🚵 Perfect &Realistic Bicycle Controls.🚵 Multiple Obstacles to avoid in driveway.
Sniper Killer Gun Shooting Assassin Fury Hunter 3D 1.0.5 APK
Download Now For FreeSniper Killer Gun Shooting Assassin 3D FuryHunter is an elite war game where user will lead the army intoenemy lands as Frontline Sniper and turn himself into a warrior whohas to protect the soil and become the true hero. Take the positionin higher tower and aim the enemy, use the best judgement like aContract Killer Assassin, use shooting skills to neutralize theopponents. Travel With Military and invade various bases in desertslike the best Desert Sniper. The game is based on various realworld war situations where the user has to invade and defendvarious army base camps. It is a defined role of any solider, todefend all military settlements and logistics from enemy so theuser will be involved in various missions mostly inspired fromthese situations.Realistic Army base camps where there are variousmilitary settlements have been featured:🔫 Tanks.🔫 Helicopters.🔫Aircraft.🔫 Gunships.🔫 Machine guns.🔫 Army Vans and Trucks.🔫Carriers.🔫 Missile System.🔫 Radar.The user will also be involved invarious offensive attacks where he/she has to destroys militarylogistics and settlements, hit the moving convoy, create an ambushor disguise as a camouflage to unleash the attack. The user canalso join Police Force as a Cop Sniper and do secret missions. ThisGame is by far the most advanced game in terms of performance, thegame also provides the most realistic user experience. The user isreally supposed to take the lead over other soldiers and performsurveillance like a courageous Frontier Sniper. Gain the ultimaterespect in sniper arena by killing the enemy, Hit the terrorist andmobsters to keep the peace in the town. Use specially designed BBgun and take head shots to enjoy bullet animation. Unleash thesniper fury with items like:🔫 Armor.🔫 Pistols.🔫 Guns.🔫 Grenade.🔫Bombs.🔫 Sniper Rifles.🔫 Rocket & Missile Launcher.🔫 Flamethrower.🔫 Poison Gas.🔫 Dagger. Following are few among manyexciting features of the game:⚔️ Ultra Realistic gameplay.⚔️ HighDefinition (HD) Display.⚔️ Smooth and easy controls.⚔️ Kill theblacklist terrorist and gain extra points.⚔️ Use advanced sniperscope to locate the target and get a good shot at it.⚔️ Become thesniper counter terrorist force and kill all terrorists.⚔️ Exploreall categories of sniper like BB, C-Sniper, D.C Sniper, C-tacSniper and multiple other guns.⚔️ No internet required to play thisgame.⚔️ Smooth and easy aim, shot and reload process.⚔️ Multiplechallenging maps and terrains toconquer.≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡≡
Robot Futuristic City Transform War Fighting Game 1.1 APK
Download For Free NowRobot Futuristic City Transform Fighting WarGame is an extreme 3D Robot warfare Arcade Game game as the usergets the chance to take part in a futuristic warfare city battle asthe user will travel ahead of the time and invade alien territoriesand challenge the powerful mega bots to one on one battles wherethe user will playing as robot. Protect the earth from thedeadliest attack of aliens, the invader aliens are making variousbases camps in multiple locations on various planets now they havechose earth. Become an earth friendly robot transformer and destroythese base camps user needs to use extreme military techniques tostrike aliens like one on combat battles. Become the super alienrobot transformer so alien bots are not able to recognize theuser.One on One Extreme Robo BattlesThe user will take advance robofighting training sessions to become a real robo fighter alienrobots are very precise, advance and lethal so get yourself readyfor the galaxy war. Travel through stars and planet and challengethe robo commander in the galaxy headquarter for a one on onecombat battles and use the best armory items for the war.☠️ Laserguns.☠️ Alien Gunships.☠️ Alien spaceship.☠️ Mega Galaxy Radars.☠️Robo Machine guns.☠️ Alien Spaceships.☠️ Space air crafts.☠️Shuttles.☠️ Light Saber.☠️ Laser Guns.☠️ Laser Swords.Alien Warwith Alien Bots in Space BattlefieldTake part in modern alienwarfare, guerilla robo warfare and classic robot fight and doextensive shooting as the alien robo enemy comes to attack youunleash a space counter attack so the enemy alien bots retreats.Following are some highlighting features of the game:☠️ RealisticGraphics.☠️ Win sword of honor from the lord of galaxy.☠️ RealisticHigh Definition (HD) Display.☠️ Robo Combat Fights.☠️ One on OneRobo Fights and Combat Battles.☠️ Smooth and easy controls forbetter user experience.☠️ Super fast Robo Movement.☠️ Unleash yourfighting style with deadly jabs, uppercuts & special moves ☠️No internet required.☠️ Steel robot fighting BattleBots and armoredcar Robot Wars ☠️ Deadly fighting moves in the alien fight againstenemy alien.☠️ Detailed maps all over the galaxy.☠️ Unleash uniqueand devastating moves, upgrade and level up your mean machines☠️Dangerous Space fighting missions.☠️ Unlock famous Robo Weapons forthe greater battles,☠️ Crash and destroy all the sinister and supervillains to save civilians of vice city.
City Sniper Shooter FPS Gun Modern Killer Game 3D 1.2 APK
Download Noe For FreeCity Sniper Shooter FPS Gun Modern Killer Game3D is an open world 3D shooting game as the user gets the chance tobe ultimate city cop sniper and protect the whole city. It is afantasy world game as this game features a huge metropolis citywhere the user has to battles gangster, mobsters and criminals.User can drive tanks and aircraft during the cop chase to escape.The game is mainly inspired from grand city theft games where theplayer can go anywhere like open world. This game is limitless asthe user can explore the whole city the way he/she wants toexplore. Take down dangerous gangs and claim the control of thecity defeat various gangs like mafia, Yakuza, Cartels, 18th streetgang, Blood gang, Aryan Brotherhood, Los zetas and various deadlygangs. Drive the ultimate super-fast cars in the metro citystreets, explore the towers, buildings, tunnels, bridges and cityhighways. Become the ultimate shooter and use extreme range ofweapons where the user gets the chance to use these weapons on theenemy, The user has to hide on the top of city building and aim atenemy like a modern sniper assassin. The user can multiple missionsin desert like desert sniper. User can hide on the mountain likemountain sniper and hit targets as well. Take the role of afrontline sniper and use real time PvP shooting to take enemy downlike a modern frontier sniper in sniper arena shooting challenge.Be precise with the mission and disguise as camouflage ifneeded.The weapons that have been featured within the game are:🔫Pistols.🔫 Guns.🔫 Bombs.🔫 Detonators.🔫 Sniper Rifles.🔫 Armor.🔫Missile and Rocket Launcher.🔫 Poison Gas.🔫 Flame thrower.🔫 TimeBombs.Let us explore some amazing features of the game:🔫 Hugemetropolis city.🔫 Realistic visual effects (VFX).🔫 Dynamic cameraangles.🔫 Efficient processing.🔫 High Rate of frame per second(FPS).🔫 Racing Car and sports cars.🔫 Advanced tanks.🔫 911 cophelicopter and chopper.🔫 Multiple aircraft and planes.🔫 CameraViews.🔫 Street gangs and mobsters.🔫 Terrorist fights.🔫 Realisticinfrastructure of the city.🔫 Huge terrain to conquer.🔫 Map andradar to guide.🔫 Alien force to battle.🔫 Destroy cars to collectpackages.🔫 City is mainly inspired from huge metropolis cities likeNew York, Tokyo, los angles, Las Vegas and multiple other cities. 🔫Artificially intelligent bots.🔫 Accurate Physicsengine.□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□