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Invaders shooter - Most addictive tower defense gameinmobileChickens. For centuries we have oppressed them,grilling,roasting, stewing, and stuffing them in buns. We shouldhave knownthe time would come for us to pay. And it did.Alieninvaded Earth,seeking revenge for the oppression of their earthlybrethren. Theycame out of nowhere, and everywhere. It was only youwho managed torepel the invasion, and saved humanity from aneternity ofservitude.Then, things got serious. The alien assaultedthe solarsystem and tried make sure that every planet wasinhabitedexclusively by chickens. Yet again, it was you who tookthe world'sfate in your ketchup-stained hands and saved the day.Butit isn'tover yet. Once more, it's time to don your non-stickegg-repulsinghelmet and fight for our ancestral right to omelettes.Only you canmake a difference. Will you succeed? Will the future ofchickenburgers be secure? Or will you end up as part of the menu inagalactic chicken restaurant?

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    Invaders shooter
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    February 12, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Solo App
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Tác phẩm: Chuyện Cổ Tích Dành Cho NgườiLớnTác giả: Nguyễn Nhật Ánh.Ứng dụng đọc truyện offline miễn phí dành cho các bạn yêu thích cáctác phẩm hay.Từ xưa đến giờ, hai chân tôi đó có mà ở yên được một chỗ.Hồi nhỏ đi chơi, bao giờ tôi cũng mò về nhà sau giờ cơm. Trăm lần ymột, thậtlà tài! Còn mỗi buổi tối, khi đến giờ đi ngủ, lần nào bố mẹ tôicũng thay nhaubò xuống gầm giường, gầm tủ và thò đầu vào các ngách của tối om omđể tìm tôi.Những vất vả vậy mà nào có tìm thấy. Lúc ấy tôi đã tót đi chơi tậnđẩu tận đâurồi, có tài thánh cũng đừng hòng mò ra. Sau này cũng vậy, tôi mà đãtrốn họcthì thầy giáo chỉ có nước lắc đầu.Works: Fairy talesAdultAuthor: Nguyen Nhat Anh.Applications free offline reading for your favorite work or.From ancient times until now, my legs where there is a quietplace.Childhood outings, never I also curious about the house afterlunch. Y a hundred times, itthe referee! And every evening, when it is bedtime, every time myparents took turnscrawling under the bed, chassis cabinets and peeked into the darkcorner of om to find me.Those that do have such hard to find. This time I'm going to playtót take advantage ottoman whereOkay, do not attempt holy talented opened. Later, too, but I havetruancythe teacher just shook his head water.
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Tôi đã đọc cuốn sách này gần như là một lèosau khi có được nó trên tay; sau đó đọc lại từ từ những chương,đoạn ưa thích. Và khi gấp lại trang cuối cùng của cuốn sách, tôi cứthấy tiêng tiếc là nó đã hết mất rồi. Đó là điều đã thúc giục tôigiới thiệu Cho tôi xin một vé đi tuổi thơ với các bạn.Tác phẩm: Cho tôi xin một vé đi tuổi thơ.Tác giả: Nguyễn Nhật Ánh.Ứng dụng đọc truyện offline miễn phí dành cho các bạn yêu thích cáctác phẩm hay.I have read this bookalmost a marquetry after getting it on hand; then read again fromthe program, your favorite scenes. And when folded the last page ofthe book, I just saw renowned unfortunately it was all gone. That'swhat prompted me to introduce Please give me a ticket with yourchildhood.Works: Let me get a ticket to childhood.Author: Nguyen Nhat Anh.Applications free offline reading for your favorite work or.
Pacman 3D 1.6 APK
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Pacman 3D - Back to the childhood and more adventures in Pacman 3dworldEnjoy everyone’s favorite classic arcade game, Pacman 3D, forFREE!Earn high scores as you eat fruit and run away from theGhosts: Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. Or, gobble a Power Pelletand get the Ghosts before they get you! Pacman 3D is the retroarcade game you know and love, but bigger and better than everbefore! Join millions of fans worldwide and compete in Tournaments,experience new Mazes, earn Achievements, and win bragging rights atthe top of the Leaderboards!CLASSIC ARCADE ACTION• The retro arcadeclassic version that feels just like it did in the arcades• Oldschool challenge, with no quarters and no lines• Avoid the ghostsand eat the fruit and dots, just like in the arcade NEW MAZES•Mazes of all shapes and sizes available to add to your collection•Each maze requires different strategies. Can you master all themazes?FUN TOURNAMENTS• Take the Tournament challenge! Playcompetitive games and win big• The competition heats up withmultipliers that increase your score• Bonus rounds give you extralives• Reaction time and reflexes are key as you chomp towards thebest scoreACHIEVEMENTS & LEADERBOARDS• The classic old schoolgame, now with EVEN MORE Achievements• Leaderboard lets youchallenge your friends and become the best retro gamer in theworldHINTS AND TIPS!• Check out the Insider pro-tips to help youbecome a champion!Discover the retro classic all over again! Bringthe old school arcade action of Pacman 3D anywhere you go, now withupdated Achievements, tournament play and Leaderboardsupport!Download Pacman 3D today!
Hợp Đồng Hôn Nhân 100 Ngày P1 1.0 APK
Solo App
Ứng dụng đọc truyện offline miễn phí dànhchocác bạn yêu thích các tác phẩm hay.Nội Dung Truyện : Hợp Đồng Hôn Nhân 100 NgàyVì để­ hoàn thành di ­nguyện của mẹ, ­cô buộc phải lấ­y ngườiđànông­ đứng đầu giới ­tài chính – Nam­ Cung Nghiêu, đ­ằng saugiấcmộ­ng khiến cả thế­ giới phải ghen­ tị đó là nổi đ­au và sựnhụcn­hã không bao gi­ờ chấm dứt. Anh­ yêu sâu đậm ng­ười con gáikhá­cmà anh không ­cách nào có đượ­c, nhưng lại bá­ đạo độc chiếm­cô.Chỉ cần có ­bất cứ người đà­n ông nào khác ­đến gần cô, ghe­ntuôngcùng tứ­c giận trong ng­ười anh bắt đầu­ trổi dậy. Cô đ­aulòng bỏđi, ­bảy năm sau trở­ về nước, bên c­ạnh cô lại có t­hêm mộttiểubả­o bối thông min­h lém lĩnh ai g­ặp cũng đều yêu­ mến. Anhchặn­đường cướp ngườ­i: “Nhóc con, b­a là ba của con­!” Cô bất lựcô­mlấy đầu con m­ình: “Anh ta th­ực sự không phả­i!” Dưới dángv­ẻlạnh lùng của­ anh hiện lên m­ột nụ cười xấu ­xa: “Con chính­làcon của ba! ­Em, là của tôi!­”Offline reading appfreefor your favorite work or.Content Stories: Contract of Marriage 100 DaysSince moving to fulfill wishes of her mother, she is forced totakethe man head world of finance - Nam Supply Yao, behind thedream ofthe whole world must envy there is pain and humiliationneverending . He deeply loves another girl that he had no way tobe, buther promotion monopolize religion. Just with any othermanapproached her, jealous and angry in his body starts rise. Shewasheartbroken to leave, seven years after returning home, next tohermade a smart security context lém profile fields who arealsoexperiencing love. He intercepted rob people: "Boy children,threeare three of you!" She helpless child hugging his head: "Hereallyis not!" Under his cold looks out onto a wicked smile: "I wasthethird child! Em, are mine! "
Kanji Vocabulary 1.0 APK
Solo App
Ứng dụng học tiếng Nhật Kanji bằng từ vựngdànhcho sinh viên
Alien Cube Shooter 1.4 APK
Solo App
Alien Cube Shooter - Most addictive game for relaxingThis is aenhanced version of the legendary PC Alien Shooter game which isnow available on your Android device!Deserted military complex.Hordes of merciless creatures. Here you are. Your mission is simple– clear the base so there are just dead monsters' corpses leftaround. - Many hours of game play with story mode and a lot ofaside missions- Character upgrade facility, try out superhumanfighting abilities in an intense battle - Tons of weapons of massdestruction- Useful gadgets - flash lights, medkits, battledrones...- User friendly control schemes with auto-aim optionavailable! - stand up to the huge crowds of monsters appearing onone screen at a time - corpses of the monsters eliminated do notdisappear - check out what happens at the end of every level! Mowthem down and stay alive!
Slither Fruits 1.5 APK
Solo App
Play against other people online! Can you become the longestslither?If your head touches another player, you will explode andthen it's game over. But if others run into YOU, then THEY willexplode, and you can eat their remains!In slither fruit, you have achance to win even if you're tiny. You can swerve in front of amuch larger player to defeat them, no matter how big you are!Themost addictive game in 2018Slither Fruits is a classic of Slithergame, like the one that used to be in old mobile phones but withbetter graphics. You have to eat everything that appears on thescreen, the most important are apples and banana.How fast you eatthem, it can give a maximum of 100 pointsYou can also collectspecial items:- scissors - they make your snake shorter- ice -slows down the snakeYou have two types of control. The default oneis relative. If the Slither is moving horizontally, you need totouch the screen above or below the Slither to make him go up ordown. If he moves vertically, you need to touch the screen on theSlither's right or left to make him go in the adequatedirection.Controlling can be unresponsive if you have tap gestureson (for example triple tap to zoom).Download now and startslithering! Good luck!
Ninja Hits Zombies 1.1 APK
Solo App
Ninja Hits Zombies - Most additive game for Students and freeman.Here is a RBG game, it's small, easy to play with "Jump" and"Fight" buttons to kill zombies and earn Coint for buying somestuffs to defect Zombies.Fighting as a Ninja with her sword to hitzombies on the way map. Good game to rest and killing time for yourbore.Some funny graphics, epic music on game. Ninja Hits Zombiessurely additive your day.Let's come and start the fight, controlyour Ninja against Zombies and make your day.Welcome to the worldof super zombies and land monsters. Zombies have found a way fromanother dimension and run around. They have their monster friends,but so have Zombie Assassin Ninja. Runner Kung Fu Master Ninja andAngry Sword Master Hungry Samurai.So, Run, Slash, cut, use yourNinja Stars to destroy the living dead demon that has become out ofcontrol.Ninja warriors do not have a match when they use theirspecial magic Shinobi ** (Another Shinobi for Ninjas in FeudalJapan)Game Features-Worlds In-game is the Zombie World.-The levelsare more challenging and addictive.The game is a combination ofretro platformer games and hack and slash style games withadditional features.-You can use Ninja (shuriken) and Ninja Magicto add more power to defeat enemies.Add character unlocked -2​​with different magic ninja powers. So, be sure to check all ofthem.-3 Years of 80 different retro style background music forevery 3 different worlds.Level design -Colorful and simple.Type-Different of the zombie enemies, kick the man, Yeti and many mindblowing riddles and full of traps.-Take sure to keep your sanityduring game play.How to play:Simple Platform Action.Jump on theZombies to kill them or else you can hack and slash them with yoursword. Just touch the sword.You can also throw your ninja star todestroy the enemy. Some enemies need more than one hit destroyed.Ifyou are having trouble touching the lightning button and using yourninja magic to destroy everything on the screen.When you cut theboxes they will give the fruits so be sure to collect them forextra points.That's it! Enjoy the challenging retro platformer gamewith many addictive levels.