1.02 / August 29, 2016
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"Tis a game of exquisite timing", said the princess. "Tapping toeject the solar matter at your enemies whilst then holding tocollect the debris from your victories""But what of the graphics?",mocked the Baron. "They are the scrawlings of a child!", hemocked."A necessity. Short timelines did dictate such a thing".Apause from both until the Princess whispers "But it is fun, isnot?"The Baron reflects. "Aye, tis such".

App Information Minima21: Supernovae

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    Minima21: Supernovae
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    August 29, 2016
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    Android 4.0 and up
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0.0.JOE in Dumb Ways to Spy 1.02 APK
Play the gaming equivalent of watching a trailer for your latestfavourite spy movie.Future Updates will include more action, moredaring and more pixels!For Queen and Country!
Minima01: SuperBombDropDX 3.24 APK
IGMmobile: "It can proudly stand alongside mobile gaming’s greatestin terms of compulsive playability" - 89%SuperBombDropDX is"endlessly replayable and compulsively satisfying" snack-sizedgame.AppStorm: "Super Bomb Drop DX excels as a pick-up-and-playphone game."Tap the screen to drop bombs with faultless timing andhit high-scoring targets that fly across the screen!Hint: Don't hitthe red ones.Now includes 'Duel' game mode where 2 players canface-off across a single touch-screen.No IAPs! No adverts! Just abit of fun.
Minima11: Turbo Cristo 1.03 APK
Taken from indiestatik.com :You’ll start driving slowly in a casualstupor within the uncomfortably green forest. Your fuel dwindling,you turn towards the shining beacon of hope you assume is eithermore gas or a neatly contained supernova. Whew, it’s gas. Soon, theforest starts flying past you, your vehicle twisting left and rightin a hapless attempt to delay the inevitable. The music startspicking up from its methodical opening, and you’re awash in a seaof flashing lights, the darkened deciduous trees becoming merely ablur. Fuel becomes ancillary, with an abundant supply spread acrossthe once undisturbed forest. Like the best arcade games, TurboCristo puts you into a trance as you keep progressing. Then yousmack into a trunk. Game over.
Minima03: APerfectTimeToPanic 1.04 APK
The cascade failure has already begun.Keep tapping the excitedelements to calm them down and prevent a chain reaction leading toa catastrophic failure.Ultimately you will fail... but your legacywill be an all-new High Score!No IAPs! No adverts! Just a bit offun.
Jump To Light Speed 1.01 APK
A vertical shooter for my June #1GAM.
Minima04: Together 1.06 APK
A competitive co-operative game for 2-4 players on a singletouch-screen.Work together with others to survive the time limitwhilst competing to score the most points at the end.Collect gemsto score points whilst avoiding the red corruption which ends thegame.Completely free to play! No in-app purchases! No adverts! Justa free bit of fun.
Infinite Frog Crossing 1.02 APK
Updated as part of the Charity Game Jam. The game is free so ifyou've enjoyed playing it then why not use the link to donate a fewpennies to charity. Thanks.A game made with my kids during theirsummer holidays.Similar to last year, we looked at a famous gamefrom history and looked at remaking it with a twist and theirhand-drawn graphics. So this time we created an infinite version ofFrogger and added new environments.Enjoying playing whilstremembering that poor little creature will never gethome.Completely free to play! No in-app purchases! No adverts! Justa free bit of fun.
Minima20: Silent but Deadly 1.01 APK
Abstract vertical shooter developed in 1929 and released now foryour delight.Vibrant black and white visuals.Deafening silenceaccompanied by authentic 1920's musical soundtrack.Words. Thatappear on a card.Cutting edge gaming! 90 years ago.