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Are you in to chasing criminals in the city roads, hitting them inorder to stop them from fleeing the scene. Crime rate is gettinghigh in the city and it can be controlled by getting the terriblefolks and destroying their modified vehicles, lawbreakers aretaking peace out from the city lanes. Police Monster Truck Driver :Extreme Thief Chase is a fun game since it like race of fast speedon the city streets yet this race is amongst good people and badpeople, police is the great folks who are chasing culprits terriblefolks of various crimes. Police Monster Truck Driver : ExtremeThief Chase is a very interesting game here you have police monstertrucks on city roads and criminals have same type as well so whatyou need is hit the monster trucks hard so that it got blown out,fun in this game is different than any other game as here you arenot only winning a race but also defeating criminals and stoppingthem from crimes.Police Monster Truck Driver : Extreme Thief Chaseis a racing simulator which is about missions, task in this game isto hit the car and stop it which is fleeing in front of you, beastmonster trucks are running fast on the road and trying to escapefrom city, arrow on top of the vehicle is to indicate the guiltycar and chase it. To pass this mission, drive fast and try to cutthe way of criminals so you can stop them from running fast, feelslacking behind the crime monster truck then hit the Nos Cylinderbutton and feel the speed in your car engine. Time is essence inthis game, criminals can run from the scene if they are not caughtin time, so keep an eye on time while chasing trucks of criminals,hit the trucks bar on the side will tell you about the health ofmonster truck, if bar is completely red it implies you haveeffectively busted the criminal and demolished its auto. PoliceMonster Truck Driver : Extreme Thief Chase has number of levels init, with each level difficulty gets up in catching them, in somecases you just need to be smart and find some quick way to bustthem instead of just chasing them from behind. Chasing bad guys isnot the only fun part in this police chase game but while chasingdoing stunts like drifting, slipping and speeding is what makesthis game more fun and entertaining. It is a best quality gamewhere your supercharged Police beast truck can do stunning tricks,you can do top speed in your macho beast truck. It is a fresh 3Dgame simulator, in this Police Monster Truck Driver : Extreme ThiefChase graphics are extremely appealing, reality base which makes itmore fascinating than whatever other police chase games. Downloadthis free Police Monster Truck Driver : Extreme Thief Chase in youandroid devices to enjoy the boundless fun of chasing awful folksin a city.

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    August 19, 2017
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    Best Fun Games Racing Simulators
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Police Auto Motor Bike - Crazy City Thrill Riding 1.3 APK
It is right that you are feeling exhausted and bored? On thatchance of yes, download this astonishing Police motor bike gamecalled Police Auto Motor Bike - Crazy City Thrill Riding , you willlove it. Police Auto Motor Bike - Crazy City Thrill Riding game isa bike simulator where you have variety of speedy bikes, you havethe permission to do insane tricks of your liking in this policestunt simulation. It is not just a bike game, it is significantlymore than that, you have supercharged bicycle under you to ride inthe stunning condition of city where people of city are moving andyou have to watch the traffic so that you don't get hit by anybody.You can do insane tricks on these Police heavy bikes like onewheeling, sliding, bouncing and smashing on the sides of streets,you can do criminal chasing on this heavy engine , these policeengines have enough energy to pursue whatever is you feel like needto be chased. NOS is available in the engines and once you begindoing stunts which needs additional power, these heavy engines willnaturally take additional power from nitrous chambers and adjustthe need of energy which is required by the motor to finish thetrick, to perform stunts slopes and ramps are accessible in thecity and arranged before tall buildings to hop off. It is a bestquality simulator game in Police Motor Bike simulators, you are astreet rider in this bike game who can enjoy its sensible enginebicycle with genuine sound impacts, sound of bicycle going aheadsqueezing the gas catch is so real you get moved from it. Ride yourstress on this fun police ride and left your stress away back onroad where you started, don't stress over hitting the moto bicyclein subterranean insect property, there is no bounty for anything.This simulator is ideal for youngsters who have never rode anythingon the genuine street, it gives them feeling of street, how streetand activity works and how you need to stick to your path generallydifferent autos may hit you on their way, this best bike ridesimulator can enable children to grow up their brains and guidethem in developing their capacities of every day life. Police AutoMotor Bike - Crazy City Thrill Riding is the simulator wherecruiser riding abilities can be tried and do chase of othertraffic, you can be a street rider and bounce off from high slopesand do stunning tricks on your 3D Heavy moto bike. Police AutoMotor Bike - Crazy City Thrill Riding is the simulation of Policeride and you are the rider in this game who can turn on policesirens and wander around the entire city with his police lights onand sound of police siren. You as a police bicycle rider is theexpert figure in this town and you can do what you like withoutstressing over anything. fun part in this game is that you arefree, there are no locked or in app purchases, everything is freeand is available to you just to have fun and adventure.
Fast Super Bike Motor Racing : Extreme Driving 3D 2.1 APK
Like Heavy Bikes? Then give this simulator a try you will love it.In case you love bike riding and love to do outrageous tricks thenthis is the ideal game for your free time since its reality basebike physics and beautiful city graphics . There are stunt slopeseverywhere throughout the city to jump off from and enjoy mid airtricks. Fast Super Bike Motor Racing : Extreme Driving 3D has thespeediest moto cross bike you have ever rode, you have theopportunity to do different bike stunts like one wheeling, speedingdragging, cut through traffic and many more. Heavy Bike in thissimulator has reality based physics so you can enjoy the free ridewhich gives you the amazing feeling of riding real two wheel drive,traffic is minimized in the city so that you can ride yourmotorbike freely on the streets of city. NOS is attached so thatyou get the thrill of speeding your bike like a bullet.Nitrouspower i installed in the bike physics so just hop on the bike andpress the accelerator to feel the power of Motorbike engine.Smashing your bike while rough riding is not a problem in this FastSuper Bike Motor Racing : Extreme Driving 3D so don't worry aboutit hitting your bike around in city, just be a insane bike riderand do what you dream of in this dreamy heavy bike. Heavy Bike ofthis game is reality base bike, sound of bike in this game makes itmore fun and full of excitement . City in this game have off roadtracks and you can anytime drive straight into green tracks withoutstressing about bike riding, enjoy the full speed of your moto bikeand don't worry about getting dropped in the water, game willautomatically re spawn on to main road.Fast Super Bike Motor Racing: Extreme Driving 3D likewise have another trick include which isof one wheel drive, there is a button in the screen that you press,motor uses NOS chambers and show blue lights when engine extractsthose nitrogen gas and lift its front wheel from ground and lift itup unless you quits pressing button, you can enjoy this stunt ofbike it is very addictive. City in this game has high qualitygraphics and very catchy for eyes, which makes the game . It is abest quality free bike game simulator where race ride, astonishingtricks, stunt slopes and nos barrels are pressed together to give afun motor bike ride.
Chained Cars Speed Racing - Chain Break Driving 1.3 APK
Are you bored of racing your cars on a racing track with other fastcars? if yes then there is a unique race of chained cars, this raceis not about who is the fasted but it is which driver can drive thecar while not letting the chain which is connected to both carsbreak off. It is unique concept of car racing, drive your fast carin the racing rush track but keeping in mind other car is alsoconnected to you via chain and hold on the race pedal of car whilegetting to the finish line of racing track of race track, from yoursports car more than what chains length then chain will broke offand both cars will explode which will makes you lose the race andsimulation and level of game.You need to be a stunt driver in orderto win the racing of chained cars, race pedals are not the only keyfactors in this Chained Cars Speed Racing - Chain Break Drivinggame of chains but breaks and controls of car are also moreimportant, chained driving are there to race your cars on to justdrive carefully to avoid car accidents, in this game distancebetween chained cars is not the only factor which needs to be takencare off but also if cars collide with each other race of cars isoff and they will catch fire. While driving chained cars offroadchain sports car dangerous stunts with sports.It is very excitinggame of racing full of adventure and fun, keeping an eye on othercar all the time while jumping off on race tracks makes thisconcept of chained cars more fun. Since it takes so long to get tothe truly cool bits every single time its hill mountain climb 4x4SUV 3D car racing, and is the car racing restless car simulatorplayers ought to most likely stay away in car driving stunts 3Dfreestyle fun. Chained Cars Speed Racing - Chain Break Driving gamehas different levels each level with different obstacles from whichdrivers need to be careful while driving on race tracks, levelswill unlock once you clear the previous level, there is much morein this game of chain racing what can be explained just play thisChained Cars Speed Racing - Chain Break Driving game and check foryourself what it contains in the package of fun and joy of tracks.Most likely the best thing about real illegal speed traffic carsracer, past its basic pickup and play nature, is the way. ManyAutomobiles and save the vehicles from hitting with other trafficfor example buses, truck, moto bikes, cycles and cars. Accomplishthe missions successfully in drag chain fast car simulator. Getyourself ready for crazy bike traffic racing chase 2017 on yourluxury bike stunt drive & parking or on your monster truck.Gamehas pair of cars connected to each other, select the type of carsyou like to clear levels with, chain is connected at the end ofboth cars, one car is yours whose steering and race pedals areunder your control, super chains are connected on challengingvehicles, ramps and cons for obstacles are there on race turbotracks. The hill side of car driving becoming master 3D here sinceeach auto keep running of police Russian car racing adventurebegins players at the absolute car simulator starting point, Breakthe chain. Xtreme sports highway car legend chained car driving ispretty fun diversion.Realistic car physics and reality baseenvironment makes this game of chain cars more exciting than ever,sharp your skills of driving with other car attached to your carand handling the drive accordingly impossible. Background music ofgame makes it more fun to drive, it is a easy game to play butdifficult to become a expert in this simulation game, it needspractice and attention to details. Ride on these tracks is a bitrough in order to make Chained Cars Speed Racing - Chain BreakDriving game more than any other chained car game you have played.The real pirate chain bus driving is here for fun that since everycar run of the chain breaker is starting players exhaust at thevery beginning. Driving car is now futuristic.
Extreme Sports Car : City Street Driving Simulator 1.0.1 APK
Extreme Sports Car : City Street Driving Simulator game is the bestcar racing simulator of all times, in this game real physics of caris being applied on the engine so that you can feel the power ofsports engine. City streets have great view to look for whiledriving your sports car on the road, be a furious driver and hitthe road as fast as you can on your modified vehicle of moderntimes. Not only drive this car but also drift and do burnouts onthe side of road making your tires screech on the pavements of citystreets, have fun on driving the beast engine car, fasten your seatbelt and push the throttle to feel the power of real sports engineand drive it around to know the feel of luxurious sports vehicle.Bethe expert driver in this open city of fun and thrill, be the kingof city avenues and do whatever you like with your car, do illegalstunts or speeding there is no police to catch you. Jump off fromroad to off tracks in order to enjoy the fun of driving your car onsandy beach without fear of getting stuck, if you ever get stucksomewhere just hit the reset button and boom you are back on roadagain with everything reset. City streets are only there for you tomake noise of your sports car, beat the traffic and get your funmood on. Extreme Sports Car : City Street Driving Simulator gamehas no missions just only one to make you happy while being inplay, it is all about fun, fun and fun. Move your speedy car onroad without the fear of getting hit or stuck in traffic, wholecity is open for you to ride along. Action stunts on car has neverbeen more fun before this car racing simulator, Extreme Sports Car: City Street Driving Simulator is the best car race simulator ofall times, it is very exciting game for children they can enjoy itvery much because it is not hard to play, just hit the buttons andcontrol the car on road.Play this Extreme Sports Car : City StreetDriving Simulator game and enjoy your day with rash driving andstunt mania, be a expert driver or lazy driver just hit the roadand then do whatever you like in this game, this is the most funpart in this game which is freedom, free will to do whatever youlike. Download this amazing Extreme Sports Car : City StreetDriving Simulator game on your android devices and enjoy theunlimited fun.
Chained Cars Driving : Tractor Farming Simulator 1.2 APK
Have you ever driven Tractor Monster of ranch fields? In this game,racing of tractors are introduced which are connected via Chain ofmetal, tractors of farmers are introduced here in the racing fieldsof cars. It is not a race of power engine of motor but it is therace of driving your tractor inline with other vehicle which isconnected to you via chain of powerful steel. Drive slow and steadyin accordance with the other tractor car which is your opponent,tractors are slow creatures you need to drive steady and carefuland get to the end line of racing tracks and win the level. Racingof Cars is old stuff, now trend has changed and racing your fastvehicle on a racing car is not the fun anymore, race on a racetrack with fast car is not the current trend right now drivingskill check is the game which is in trend, chain connected vehiclesare the mainstream race action which is liked all around the world.Goal in this racing of chained tractor car is to race your car plustractor along with other enemy car and get in speed with it, don'teven hit other tractor engine, hitting will make this lose you thelevel of game and need to play again. Transport racing of chainedtractor car is the recent trend of racing sports vehicles, aultimate show of classic cars of extreme road rage. A chain is asstrong as its weakest link so driving away from attached chain willget broken in the middle, don't get away from enemy tractor anddon't get too close all of it can be a problem and tractors can hiteach other and get into accident, it is the best racing game ofchain cars in the category of chained vehicle. Chained cars is thetrending games of racing cars and this Chained Tractor Driving -Racing Farming Simulator game is the best race of chained cars plustractors, has modified racing sports tractors to drive.Environmentof Chained Tractor Driving - Racing Farming Simulator game arereality based racing tracks which makes you feel like you aredriving a real tractor near the farm areas of rural area and itgives the look of high end graphic game, environment of this gameis very attractive and it makes game play more interesting to havefun around. Avoid hit any real tractor engines with blocks in theway, Be safe, protect chains from breaking, make massive stunt andenjoy the awesome camera views on making stunt, Collision oftractors plus cars is not allowed chain may broken while collidingwith other. It is time to sharp your outstanding skills to practicerace with this outstanding chained tractor rivals and defeat otherfarmer drivers of tractors. This time your modified tractor isconnected to another AI racing Sports tractor attached with achain, you have to avoid breaking chain by following the AI vehicleand dare some stunts on the highway roads. Break off the adrenalinerush in your passion for racing of chained cars and go unleash thebeast driver with in you in Chained Tractor Driving - RacingFarming Simulator game. Routes of chain driving tractors arevarious and hurdles plus distractions are multiple so be attentiveand focused while playing it because a little distraction can makeyou lose the level of chain race. Check your abilities of drivingand driving skills as a driver of not win the race but syncing yourdrive with other car is the top skill what is required, be a expertdriver in this Chained Tractor Driving - Racing Farming Simulatorgame of adventurous fun full pack of madness. Download ChainedTractor Driving - Racing Farming Simulator this game and get yourgrooves on for racing in a battle of chain car plus truck tractor,it is the best racing simulator of chained tractor car games andvery fun to play with it, scenario is a bit dodgy as it is new butplaying will make you fall in love with this game. Levels of racehas spawn points installed on the road if your car get lost in therace you can revive back from spawn point it is a extra featurewhich this game offers.