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This awesome Quad speed challenges games have one of thebestdriving experience of the Marketplace. Just sit back andrelaxhaving some extreme fun on this endless quad racing game. Ridethehighway and dodge the traffic! Switch the controls bychoosingButtons or Gyroscope on the settings menu. Dont let theSuper quadbike be destroyed. Collect as much coins as you can toget moreQuads.Play this amazing Quad Racing adventure, select thedrivingMoto that you like and have real cool driving experience inDesert,City, Beach and Snow Scenarios! Turn left to right troughthe roadand void the traffic cars and bus drivers.Hit the nitroturbobutton to speed up and go the faster as you can to beatotherplayers distance at leader boards Rakings. You cant go offroad,only drive through the Highway. This Quad Moto Driving gamesisfull of adrenaline! Hit the turbo to speed up, try not to burnoutthe quad! We Hope you get so excited with this racing gameandplease give us your opinion! We care about your thougts. DrivetheQuad Bike and avoid traffic vehicles while increasing speed tothelimits. Enjoy this Extreme motorcycle quads on a dusty trailracingthrough desert, beach, mountain and snow. Try to get as faraspossible with nitro and beat your Friends attheLeaderboards.Control your Quad bikes with an incredible fastturbospeed during the extreme traffic rush time! Get more money tobuynew and improved Super speedy Quads. Easy Controls andIncredible3d HD graphics games. Test our Quad Traffic racing gameand enjoyit.Speedy Quad Racing is a best 3D quad Game Simulator!!!It's aquad game for you that love Quad racings , it's a gamethat you canride a super Quad and drive at high speed in thetraffic !!!It's a3D game that you can choose different super Quandsand run in thedirt and deserts roads !!!It's a Real bumpy Quadsimulator withamazing 3D graphicsFeel how it is to be a jumpy Quadrider in thisAmazing 3D Game !!!Download Quad Speed bumps Challengefor free andhave fun !!!

App Information Quad Speed Bumps Challenges

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    Quad Speed Bumps Challenges
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    June 19, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Game Contrivers
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    Swatti Pattak, Gulbarg Number 4, Peshawar Cantt, Peshawar 25000
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Police Encounter : Crime City Police Crackdown 1.6.3 APK
Police Encounter: Crime CityHave you ever dreamed of becoming acop? To be a hero? Do you love police games? and want to open acriminal case? Do like police chasing down city criminals andstreets gangsters? Do you like police car chase games & cop’sgames and cops driving in the criminal’s streets. Have you everwished to be a law enforcement officer to encounter the crazycriminals and gangsters on the spot without going to criminal caseand FIR? Do you want to catch the most wanted criminals and streetsrobbers and bring theme behind the rods of the prison? If youranswer is yes then download Police Encounter and start the actionin which you should catch the thieves, robbers, gangsters andcriminals. Be the police intervention duty driver to chase andarrest all the law breakers, Underworld gangsters conductingillegal business of drugs.Perform your duty for the glory andrespect to be your nation hero to encounter the underworld mafia onthe spot red handed. Send the grand gangster and criminals behindthe rods.It’s now the time to law come and clean up the city!Showthe gangsters, bandits, mafia members and other outlaws thepunishing hand.Use your Cops skill to find the best cars andweapons, different ammunition and advanced military technique.Everything is at your command! Your only task is to eliminate thecrime and make the city safe for ordinary citizen.Grab the chanceto be a city cop in police car gangster escape & chasecriminals.Kill Down the godfathers like Pablo Escober in ColumbusState, the biggest drug dealer in the world. You need to be policecop and vigilante at the same time to free french quarter fromdrugs, illegal weapons, smugglers, grand gangsters and mafiagodfather. Arrest the mafia and gangster and get them in prison intheir criminal case.Keep in mind that you are doing a splendid job,and you have to fulfill your duty at any cost..Root the bad seedsout with an iron fist loyal only to the law. Miami city crime is athis peak so get the smugglers and mafia down at Miami city .Play AsMan's Best Friend On A Mission scrimmage To Help Rid The City OfCrime!Whether your sniper rifle to kill criminals, contact yournearest you use your binoculars if you wish.Remember, apart fromyour job to catch notorious criminals, criminals follow the path ofthe police car and then descend on your exact police car, pull yourweapon and kill criminals. prisoner transport vehicle used totransfer the prisoners from one prison to another. Be aware thejail criminals they are so dangerous and they can kill you at onceyou get alone to them always keep the deadly weapon. Use the policeBus to get the prisoners save from attacks. Car chase mode isawesome Police Encounter: Crime City game featuresEarn cash andpoints during police pursuitsShow your driving skills and don’t getshaking offBuild up your own car collection of unique and rare copcars in this extreme This exciting and dynamic game is sure tobring you hours of funPolice chase car racing action with one ofthe best racing physics Walk around the streets and clean up thecity from Mafia and gang lords.Play at Miami Beach & Chicagocity Environment for real funDeadly Weapons to HuntGangstarRealistic police radio conversations and many features thatwill amazed you.Open World & tribunal EnvironmentHurry updownload now for free , be a cop and get a chance to clean up thecity from criminals and Mafia's with deadly weapons. As a cop yourprior duty is to Root the bad seeds out with an iron fist loyalonly to the law.
Miami Crime Boss Sim 1.3.2 APK
Miami Crime Boss is a gangstar and crime simulator game to roll upon a dangerous new trip through the City of Sin – San Andreas, thecity of Gangstars , mafia and criminals -Vegas, Scavenge mobsterfrom favela to rebuild the City Crime Boss terror on citizens ofthe vegas gangstars open world action game! For the lover’s carcrime action games, we have created city crime boss in vegas city.In this City Crime Boss -dangerous criminal city, an outrageousarsenal, flee from police, terrify passers, assassin the vice.Stolen cars, motorcycles, helicopters and even planes. Robpassers-by. Robbing banks and offices to make money. Get ready forfun, immersive and wild gun wars in new action game.New Orleansprison is made for gangstar, criminal, cruel, mafia kings, godfathers and crime boss’s. Before the prison Crime boss was mafiagodfather, a hitman, a real don, grand killer legend, and a gangboss for years in the streets of America, New York, San Andreas andMiami beach. City Crime Boss dangerous attacks, shooting, spymissions, assassin of vice and criminal escape skills were used tospread terror among agent and police cops. But you’re betrayed insmash down mission by your mafia gang boss, cops were called therewhen you reached the crime scene and escape was impossible for you,the shooting, blasting, firing with guns, pistol and riflesresulted in the end of your brother life and your prison in theFrench quarter and slum.Steal, seize, thug and slaughter forcontrol of New Orleans in crime boss and ganstar game, a brand-newbattle Role Playing Game (RPG) set in the violent and grittyuniverse of Mafia III and god father. Be the boss and assemble yourcrime family. Outfit your characters with brutal weapons, items,vehicles, and stake your claim over local businesses. As your powergrows, ruffian so does your stake in the criminal underworldgangster crime city. Make your gang in this French quarter of vastcity.Now you are out of the prison prepare for revenge and give thelesson to underworld kings, break, shoot to kill the security squadof the boss, carry out theft missions, assassinate spy agent,survive criminal escape police chase mission and win the gangwar ofunderworld gang crime city. Sneak away from attack, police chasegun shot, escape like a hero and rule the underworld downtownstreets of America. Build your home and gang to rescue yourkidnaped brother, finish the gangsters who betrayed you, attacks tobring down opponents’ gangster city mafia rivals and cops, hidefrom police and copes by removing the records and reports from thecourt of vegas. Struggle to survive by taking your health packs,drinking water, eating foods and medicines. The security forces areworking hard to assassinate you. So be the assassin and kill theboss and become the boss and Mafia Godfather. Put your fear indangerous mobsters in crime town. Scare up the mugger and take onthe underground criminal and mobilize it for your own underworldgangster empire and vice. Recruit and level up the skills of crimebosses from the Mafia III universe and make a killing with the mostdominant mob family.1 Miami Crime Boss features:• Unlimited freehand mission• Dangerous Combating Tools (Guns, Rifles, Knife,Sward, baseball)• Driving multiple vehicle (Cars, Buses, Trucks,Helicopter, and airplane etc.)• Variety of Weapons (Guns, Rifles,Knife, Sward, baseball)• purchasing Guns, food and Medicines•Interesting Game Play
Cash Transit 1.0.3 APK
Get ready for the Adventure, Accept the challenge and start yourvan with metallic bullet proof body and armed security force todeliver the cash, gold and gems to the banks in New City. CashTransit is the first cash transport game with realistic vancontrols and realistic graphics. You have assigned the duty todeliver valuables to the banks safely. Speed up your van to escapefrom the robbers chasing you. Dismiss the robbery attempt andescape from being chased by the criminals and robbers followingyour car.The underworld gangsters and robbers have made the planfor grand robbery to heist the bank cash transit van in the middleof road on its way to deliver cash and valuables to the bank in thedifferent towns of New York. You need to maintain the very highspeed to deliver the cash and gold, diamonds and ATM cards in thecity of New York. Fulfill the bank job, daily challenge and collectthe daily reward to increase your coins. Purchase the high speedand optimized van for bank cash delivery.Keep Alert in thechallenge mode transfer money safely in this cash transit drivingsimulator. The grand gangsters, mafia god fathers and robbers havemade the plan of grand robbery to heist the bank cash transit vanon it way to deliver the cash and gold to different banks. Escapefrom gangsters & robbers who try to rob you in city of crime!Race to the destination & escape as a super hero in robberchase mission. Be aware from the most dangerous gangsters androbbers of the Vegas, mostly they are involved in the cashrobbery.So be aware from these gangs they can rob all the cash,gold and money in no time. larceny is everywhere in the city so itis difficult to protect the cash in the city from robbers. But youare not alone, you have US Army Trained armored security forceofficer with modern deadly weapons rifles and guns to push back anybushwhack of burglary to prevent the bank heist. Show your strengthbraveness to complete the mission to unlock the next mission.BankCash Truck Game Play3 Different Modes of PlayBank Job: Be the bankcash truck driver and complete the money delivery in the limitedtime. use your coins to get extra time to drive the euro 4x4offroad truck to the bank. Complete the driving simulator missionsto be a super hero driver in this cargo truck simulation game.DailyChallenge: Accept the challenge escape your bank cash truck. Selectthe high-speed truck in the garage and speed to protect your moneybeing robbed by Black dragon and 18 street gangsters. Thegangsters’ pickup will follow your truck and will try to catchyou.Cash In Transit: Take the money from city bank branches, casinoand shopping malls and deliver it to the state bank. Try to escapefrom gangsters and robbers when they start to chase and catchyou.Features of The GameRealistic and 3D environment will give youreal feelings of driving trucks and VansPlay More than 50 Levelsand get cash rewards on completion of each task in every missionand levels Cash Delivery Driving AdventureDriving with extremesafety Awesome truck driving challenge missions Smooth Steering,Brakes, Drifting Transporting of currency notes in TruckThrill oftransportation Driving on city roads and Steep Paths.
Pak Army Operation Zarb e Azb : Counter Terrorist 1.0.1 APK
Pak Army Operation Zarb e Azb is an exciting, new, realistic actionshooting game. Taking the role as a elite sniper soldier, you mustdefend an army base from the oncoming waves of enemy soldiers. Yourmission is to use your sniper rifle and sniper skills to take outeach enemy to protect the army base in order to get onto the nextlevel. With the help of the cool-down mechanic in the game thatsteadies the sniper rifle to help you get your perfect shot on theenemy.If you don't get all the enemy soldiers before your health isdepleted, you will lose. With each level comes more enemy soldierswho will move into position to take you down. Harness you sniperskills and become the greatest sniper to defeat the enemysoldiers.Army shadow strike is the most epic military warfare gamethat offers an addictive mixture of tactic plans, fast paced combatand real action. Become a part of your army strike operation foruniversal domination. Operate the world's best army shadow strikecombat with your single automatic sniper arsenal. Just feelyourself like a real hero of battle.In this Operation Zarb e Azbgame you are a frontline sniper hero. Each level of this game is achallenging mission in itself. Within each mission you have to facedifferent schemes of battle and strategies. You are confined tostand on enemy base tower. You as an army strike sniper need toshoot and destroy enemy soldiers, tanks, jeeps, and gunship chopperand fighter jet from your vantage point. Different targets will bespotted in each level as separate missions. Be careful whileshooting because if you are spotted, all enemy commandos willattack you, so you need to fend off the entire enemy soldier beforethey kill you. Don't worry you have unlimited ammunition. Exploreyour strength and sniper strike skills against the enemy in thisarmy strike mission.Shadow strike army sniper brings newelectrifying thrills in the world of battle field. It is one of thebest army strike games for all fans of shooting sniper killing. So,it is the time to begin your journey with this sniper assassinstrike where you have different missions of wars in contradictionof enemy strike. Army shadow strike sniper is the game you werewaiting for!History of Operation Zarb e AzbOperation Zarb-e-Azb(Urdu: آپریشن ضربِ عضب‎ ) was a joint military offensive conductedby the Pakistan Armed Forces lead by Chief of Army staff generalRaheel Sharif against various militant groups, including theTehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), the Islamic Movement ofUzbekistan, the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi,al-Qaeda, Jundallah and the Haqqani network. The operation waslaunched on 15 June 2014 in North Waziristan along thePakistan-Afghanistan border as a renewed effort against militancyin the wake of the 8 June attack on Jinnah International Airport inKarachi, for which the TTP and the IMU claimed responsibility. Partof the war in North-West Pakistan, up to 30,000 Pakistani soldierswere involved in Zarb-e-Azb, described as a "comprehensiveoperation" to flush out all foreign and local militants hiding inNorth Waziristan. The operation has received widespread supportfrom the Pakistani political, defense and civilian sectors. As aconsequence, the overall security situation improved and terroristattacks in Pakistan dropped to a six-year low since 2008.Zarb-e-Azb was followed by Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad which began inFebruary 2017, lead by general qamar javed bajwa following aresurgence in terrorist incidents.
Freedom Fight : SWAT Operation 1.0 APK
FREEDOM FIGHT: SWAT OPERATION is a striking action FPS shootinggame. Fight like Forces of Freedom and experience the real shootingfun in this FPS shooter game. Hold your nerve keep your breath,lock the enemy, aim, shoot & kill the crazy monster enemies. Ina limited time, the rational use of your limited ammunition, aimedat distant enemies, kill them all. . Play as a sniper or riflemanin this PVP MMO, with realistic military soldiers from across theworld. Freedom Fight is gift for shooting game lovers.TRAIN YOURARMYTrain your army in the cold war to be strong and brave like alion, fast as a Tiger, clever than a fox danger than a snack. Fightlike a brave soldier on the battlegrounds of World War 2 - thebattle of hacksaw ridge and D-Day invasion using your SWAT commandoskills.FIGHT FOR THE GLORYIn this Freedom Fight: SWAT Operation Youwill be an elite shooter, shooting in different territories andterrible hindrance points, to stop civil war. You accuratelyidentify the target and lock the target, quickly destroy the enemyin Korean War. Bulge your enemy in cold war by using your militaryskills and advance nuclear weapons.Freedom Fight: SWAT OperationInthis one of best combat of rifle killer shooter Freedom Fight: SWATOperation, ensnare and surge on your enemy’s antagonist base camp,move the rival warrior like a US Army trained Commando - MarineCorps and a spec ops US Army trained elite sniper, the intelligenceagency CIA got the secret mission of disposing the deal of heavynuclear missile weapons between two intelligence agencies ISI andMOIS on an industrial site, from their command and control centeryour assassin to take the and destroy the deal, and kill all theterrorists and the head of guerrilla geek organization.TO BE READYFOR THE BATTLE IS HALF VICTORYIn this one of the best legendaryfigures games Freedom Fight SWAT shooting, take your assault fullthe trigger of your rifle like a shooter to battle in the mostintense shooting survival showdowns. Use your sniper, rifle,machine gun, ak47, grenades, nuclear weapons and a dexterousshotgun and handgun for swift attacks. Take the nuclear missilearsenal from going into the wrong hands through your grenade andmake an explosion in the underworld tunnel to destroy yourenemies.FREEDOM FIGHT: SWAT OPERATION MISSIONSOperation TorchBattleof the Kasserine PassBattle of El GuettarBattle of SicilyBattle ofSalernoBattle of Monte CassinoBattle of AnzioBattle ofNormandyBattle for BrestOperation DragoonBattle of MetzBattle ofNancyOperation Market GardenBattle of Hürtgen ForestBattle ofAachenBattle of the BulgeOperation NordwindColmar PocketRuhrPocketOperation VarsitySpring 1945 offensive in ItalyAttack onPearl HarborBattle of Wake IslandBattle of BataanDoolittleRaidBattle of the Coral SeaBattle of MidwayBattle ofGuadalcanalBattle of the Santa Cruz IslandsBattle of TarawaBattleof KwajaleinBattle of SaipanBattle of Guam (1944)Battle ofPeleliuBattle of AngaurBattle of Leyte GulfBattle of LuzonBattle ofManilaBattle of Iwo JimaBattle of Okinawa
Savage Island Survival 1.0.3 APK
LET THE ADVENTURE BEGINSavage Island Survival- Survival and ArkCrafting game of extreme sea adventure starts on mysterious no menisland of Lian Yu. Your survival on a wild island Begins after yourShip got wrecked in the middle of the deep sea due to heavy stormand wind far away from beach. Now use your swimming skills tosurvive the ocean tides and get landed on an extreme lonelymysterious island. For longer survival against hunger, thirst andwild animal you have to utilize your lone Survival skills byhunting and shooting to survive and fight against wild beasts andHaunted Zombies to find way to survive and find make escape planfrom the frightened Island. CRUISE THE WILED BEASTSTo completebloody deadly mission to survive on deadly beach of mysteriousisland of no men hunt rather than getting hunted by precarious wildbeasts like wolf, lion, Snacks, Scorpions and crocodile. Utilizeyour military skills of action, fighting and shooting to escape andmake plan for crafting the ark to survive.Craft the trees to makefire for coldness survival, Make shelter from rain and craft a raftfor sea escape from dangerous lonely island to return backhome.EMPLOY THE DEBRIS FOR YOUR SURVIVALThe Ark Survival: Islandsurvival & Escape plan- captivating and the best survivalisland 2017 game, you are in the middle of a titanic sea on JungleIsland surrounded by the earth’s oldest creatures and desolatebeasts, hunger make them more dangerous. You are equipped with nomodern weapons to kill the island wild beasts, you have to finddebris and employ them for your lone island survival and sea escapeby converting them into weapons and utensils.PLAN YOUR WORK ANDWORK YOUR PLANArk crafting and Survival on the island depends howyou plan to escape the island via Ark Crafting. Survival on thisisland isn’t so easy,bush craft,you have to make multiple kitslikes hammer, Axe, stones, foundations, pillars and more to buildyour home on the island for shorter survival. You will also needropes, metal and wood to start ark crafting. Gather debris from thewater and old quarters in order to craft tools necessary for yourharsh life survival.YOU ARE BORN TO SURVIVESurvive like a hero onthe survival island and destroy what destroy you. Survival beginswith a hard time escape from lost Island along with wilder wolfroaming freely on the island and are in hunt of prey, be careful todefend yourself from island dangers. Use your Axe, sword, knife andweapons to defend yourself from dangerous wild animal’s attacks,bush craft to survive.Ark taming is a fun to survive.Live incivilization and colonization.NO THING IS HEADY AS THE WINE OFPOSSIBILITYGadget all possible escape and survival skills to makethrilling island adventure and maori successfully escape from theisland by crafting the ark evolved. Spurt your Action andAdventurous skill to escape from the Island like a survival hero.Rambo lùn cave for shelter, Swim through the streams and hunt thefish to remove your hunger,man vs wild find ropes, build fences,hunt down animals for food, build shelter from rain and sun, makefire for coldness,bow stickman fight and kill the animals that mayattack you, build raft out of crafted woods and ropes. FULL OFISLAND ADVENTURE Enjoy Savage Island Survival . Play for fun andadventure to dent your name as the real super survival fighter ofthe 2017. Find tools and kits resources on the island for youradventure and survival on the island, fight for your life like areal survival fighter hero suing your survival skills and craft forcontra and raft.Get energy to spawn and re spawn.you are the benjungle survive till last.Get escape from the wild bear use goldenaxe in the wicked island for colonization. Advance rabo your actionskills bear - Rabo fighting, swimming, crafting, deer stalking,exploring bear grylls tech and gigantic escaping skills with thisadventure simulator.